While hurriedly buying gifts in the busy tiagge in Baclaran, I’ve noticed the feet tall high garbage in one corner. The garbage is composed mostly of plastic bags used from the vendors’ products. This has actually enraged me but definitely I cannot scold nor get furious at the vendor. Considering the fact that there are hundreds of stalls in Baclaran, probably tons of wastes are produced in just one day. These wastes are merely thrown in the dumpsite and probably only half percent of it is recycled or reused. Just imagine how many tons of wastes are polluting our nature. This fact may not be new to the government; however it seems that the government has no project with the said issue. For, if the government is concern with the environmental issues, it could have done something to abate the increase of Earth pollutants.
Probably, many have noticed it also. Hopefully, those vendors will be more aware of the environment and would unite to help minimize the production of wastes.
Hopefully, they would love not only their profit but also learn to love the nature so that they may prosper more.


Christmas is for children.... is it?

on the evening of December 24th, my friend and I rushed to the popular Baclaran to buy Christmas presents. These little kids caught my attention despite jam-packed place. The older kid was feeding the other two and they would laugh. While many children are busy preparing and excited for Christmas eve mass in their fabulous clothes, these kids are in the streets waiting for their parents. They really seem so pathetic.
At an early age, they experience a life in the streets, enjoying life within a busy, stinky and noisy place.
In the situation these kids are into, it seems that Christmas isn't to all kids.

what's lacking this Christmas?

----so hot--- the temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius. isn't it hot?
i was sweating instead of chilling. ew!


amazingly shocking

While giving Christmas presents to kids on Christmas day, my landlady asked the kids this question "Why was Jesus born?". Some kids maintained their silence and thoughtless but one kid amazed me whe he said "It is for the people why Jesus was born." Among many kids who were asked only one knew the answer. Even I was amazed with the answer of the kid. I want to give more and more candies to the kid however, I thought that some kids might envy at him and might just cause trouble. I just thought that the kid deserves not only candies but much more from Jesus Christ, for the kid is blessed for knowing the purpose of Jesus in his life.
How many of us could have thought or could have answered like the kid?

my Christmas

"namamasko po!" this was the very words i heard upon waking up in the morning of December 25th and until 26th. My landlady would hand them candies or gift or coins. At first, I just observed them then helped my landlady pack more candies because her stock was running out. There were too many children knocking while saying "namamasko po". It was actually my first time to experience such kind of Christmas celebration. That day was a day of giving and not much of receiving on our part.
At first, I felt sympathy for these kids for I thought it was a form of begging. But I came to realize that it isn't for without them, the spirit of giving to those who deserve of receiving would be lost. Christmas, as they say, is for children and it is in receiving gifts and presents that they feel Christmas


point of realization

since childhood, i was fond of dancing even if i can't dance well. i was even laughed at for being a "trying hard". nonetheless, i continued to join groups of dancers to dance everytime there is an activity in school and during fiesta and new year celebrations.
two years ago, in the company where i am presently engaged in, my "talent" in dancing was developed. it was "unbelievable". During our Christmas party, our President would give special awards to those who perform well. Since childhoodc, i dance because i just fell like dancing and i really wanted to perform in front of many people. Even if i don't do well. What was important to me was to entertain and be recognized by the community. However, for many years of dancing, I never heard of a comment such as "very good" or "you're a good dancer".
On my first Christmas Party in Senju, I danced together with new employees like me. I was so glad to hear my audience shouting my name while perfoming. I was so flattered when my boss told ne "I didn't know that you're a good dancer". I, myself, cannot believe to waht I've heard.
Since then, I perform with others everytime our company have a special activity. I enjoy dancing and happy to hear compliments but never believed people who compimented me. Never did I believe them because I thought that I would only believe myself as a good dancer if I will be awarded as the Best Female Performer.
Last night, my third Christmas at Senju, I hoped that my name be called as the Best Female Performer. Afar from what I've hoped, the award was given to someone else. Sadness was not what I felt. Last night was my point of realizing that I am a good dancer for after our performance and until we headed home, my co employees and friends smiled at me and said "Wow! you really dance so good!" "and galing mo naman". From that very moment, I never doubted those people who complimented me. From that very moment, i thought that probably it might be good for me to enroll a dancing class and make it as a career (lol).
At that very moment, I realized that an award is not an evidence to rate your talent but by every praise that you receive and most of all by every smile that you leave upon your audience.

at long last!

last night at Pan Pacific Hotel, we held our Christmas party. It was the very moment of giving all what all of us have prepared. The very moment to share our talents and the very moment to show our best.
My group won the third place. Good enough for presentations with mistakes and inorganized entrance. For that, my group was satisfied for we really have prepared with all what we thought would fit the theme. We may be the third but my group have felt more than that because me and my groups have left laughter, joy and smile among all our viewers. And those are greater prize than money.
From the start of the program, all of us enjoyed the food, place, ambiance,and the company of each and everyone.
I, personally, this party is the most that i've enjoyed since i was employed in Senju. Not because I was aha exceptionally beautiful (lol) but because I've felt the essence of Christmas which is love. Everyone showed concerns of care and greeted everyone with their sincere wishes of a merry christmas and happy new year. Everyone got along with other people not close to them. Everyone was welcomed warmly.
Overall, our Christmas party is a one of a kind.


story behind wrapping

One Sunday morning, I had a chance to sit with my landlady. I saw her wrapping many gifts I thought that probably it’s for her godchildren but I was mistaken. She told me that it is for street children. I reacted with awe and appreciated her for her kind heart. Then she shared me her story.
When she was still young, she usually join her friends caroling from house to house every Christmas. Each of them would earn up to 1,000.00 in just one day. One unfortunate Christmas experience made her change stop from her usual Christmas activity. While they were caroling in front of a big house, a car came out of the gate. While the man driver was maneuvering the car, their friend was hit by the car and fell on the canal. The owner, knowing fully what had happened, heedlessly attended his victim. My land lady felt pity and felt so pathetic of herself. From there she promised herself not to beg during Christmas and instead strive for a better future so she can give to those who are less fortunate.
Today, she is living a good life with a happy family. During Christmas, her family had made it a tradition of giving gifts and feeding street children.
Her story made me decide to spend my Christmas with them. Spending Christmas with a goal of giving to the less fortunate, I believe, is worth spending rather than living in the luxury and superb ness of my traditional Christmas.


Children's joy

yesterday, the children from children's joy foundation visited us in our company. They entertained us with their dance and serenated us with their christmas songs. I was impressed with their talent in dancing, singing and playing musical instruments at an early age. The five year old girl attracted all our attention because she was so cute and talented.
In the middle of their performace, they sang "Bituing Walang Ningning" (Stars without light/ shine). They touched most of us. I wasn't able to hide my tears and so I decided to run to the comfort room.
At that very moment I realized that I am very much fortunate for having a family. Unlike those children left by their parents alone and existing in the world of abandoned.
At age ten, I came to learn about the abandoned children when I watched a life of an abandoned child. I really pitied the abandoned child in the movie. She was so pathetic. I pitied her. From there, I dreamed of building a foundation or charity that will house all children abadoned by their parents. I will give them good future that their parents denied them. At a young age, my tender heart was for the abandoned children.
Just yesterday, I recalled my dream is still a dream for I haven't fulfiiled it yet.
I cried because I can't do anything but to pity them. I pitied them but its useless for they needed not pity but help. And because I cannot financially help them enough, I am useless.
In this world, I just can't imagine why the world seems so unfair. And
not until these abadoned children see and be with their real parents, their joy will not be complete.

To children's joy foundation, may the good Lord shower you with more blessings and long life so that you will be able to help more needy children. And to the children of Children's Joy Foundation and all abandoned children, may God fulfill the desire of your hearts.


simbang gabi

The traditional simbang gabi or evening mass for Roman Catholics is fast approaching. Among Filipinos, the simnbang gabi which starts on the 16th of December marks the start of Christmas. During these days, the country is filled with excitement and joy.
A peculiar thing on simbang gabi, among believers, is the belief that their wishes will be granted after they have completed the 9 days of simbang gabi.
I remeber a friend, wayback in high school, she was saddened when she missed one mass and never wished on the Christmas Day. This belief I just kept in my mind but haven't practiced it. Odd.
Among Filipinoes, the simbang gabi come in with the traditional delicacy called "puto bumbong". However, in many provinces they have their own delicacy made of rice.
Further, simbang gabi signals the start of caroling. After the evening mass, children, adult and even oldies gather to serenade homes with their Christmas songs.
Caroling was an activity I enjoyed really when I was a child. After the mass we would gather with my friends and do caroling. Those moments were filled with unforgettable experiences like when a hungry- like dog ran after us, huh! it was tiring and some of us were crying but then we ended laughing lol. what a wonderful experience.
Last year, I was able to attend only two simbnag gabi. This coming simbang gabi might be worst, I might not be able to attend at least one. Sad but I will just leave it all to the only real reason for christmas, Jesus Christ.


Christmas is in the air!

Christmas isn’t here yet but it feels like Christmas everyday,
Christmas breeze greets me in the morning and kisses me at night.
Its coldness makes me shiver,
That I desire for hug every moment. Huh!

Christmas songs are so joyful,
Its sounds serenades my way from home to work.
Christmas lights are so bright,
That it’s brightness shines my way while walking along the busy streets.

The gigantic Christmas tree is so beautiful,
That its colorful decor soothes my stress for the day.
The coldness and darkness of the night,
Faded by the brightness of the Christmas lights and warmness of the Christmas love.


brr... so cold

this morning, my gosh! it was soooo cold and yet i forgot my jacket... just drunk coffee to warm myself
christmas is really nearing...



Last night, I was planning to read the text for my new project. Unconsciously, my body fall to bed and was not able to wake up until this 6 in the morning. When I woke up, I just noticed that my book was covered on my face. Quite funny.
It was unusual but normal. I remember what our speaker told us, one day, that when one collapses for dizziness don’t mind him because it means his body just needed rest. Sometimes, in our culture, when one collapses, we tend to pour cold water on them or pressure them to smell a particular chemical, which is wrong. Sometimes, our body gets tired so with our mind. Even if our mind says we’re strong if our body can no longer tolerate it, we can’t do anything but to give in to what our body need.
Due to heavy workloads, pressuring deadlines and clogging schedules, we tend to sob ourselves to work. This may not be a good idea instead might end up to self abuse.
So before we get tired of health problems, it pays to relax and take leisure once in a while.


my first earning

Whew! These past few weeks I was buried in job and deadlines of my writing projects. I never thought my new job would bury me in books and would eat all my extra time. I was even usually rushing to meet my deadlines. Within two weeks, my life was concentrated at work and on books. Nighttime was time think and write instead of rest. At first, it wasn’t easy but I have to meet my commitments.
Just this December, I was overjoyed to see my $ 40.60 earnings. Wow! My extra job was tiresome and is really squeezing my mind but the joy of earning took it all. For about two weeks, I’ve completed three orders and even gained good remarks. It’s really worth working for. I’m not only earning but I’m also learning.
These changes in my daily routine have affected much my other activities. Maintaining my three blogs is very far from possible because time and effort cannot allow it.
This is the main reason also why I’ve decided to compress my thoughts in just only one site.
From now on, I'll be sharing infos and additional knowledge that I'd be learning from my writing job.


for every thing, give thanks

Two months ago, I've decided to find an extra job as a source for extra income. I applied in a call center and was able to pass the long and many exams and the preliminary interview. I was advised to wait for their call for they will have to schedule me for an interview. I waited but nobody called for an interview.
I quetioned the Almighty for not granting me the job I ever wanted. I was desperate. I was willing then to work at daytime and at night time. I was very willing to sacrifice my everything to be able to cope up the challenges and hardships of the job I was applying for.
A month ago, I applied in a writing company as a freelance writer, which I accidentally read while browsing the net. After a week, I receivesd a call and an email telling me that my application was approved. I was overjoyed. At last! I got an extra job.
One night, as I about to have my goodnight sleep, I came to realize that this is the answer for my prayers. I realized that this is what God wanted me to have. An extra job that will give me an oppotunity to earn extra money without requiring me to compromise my time and health. This job is better than what I was asking from Him because through this writing job, I will not only earn money but, above all, I will gain additional knowledge.
For this, I want to testify to all readers that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
If we ask God for something, we just have to wait for what we ask might be better that what God will provide.
God bless us all!!!

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