Viva Australia!

The election of Australia’s new Prime Minister Howard Rudd leaves the USA the only one left standing heedless on the issue of global warming. One among the many changes in the Australian politics will be its active participation in the worldwide fight against global warming. PM Howard Rudd will be ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. It can be remembered that before, Australia and USA refused the Kyoto Protocol but it was still ratified through Russia.
This step by the new Prime Minister will only strengthen the Kyoto Protocol but will also put pressure on President Bush’s stand on global warming. Notably, Australia is considered as the major exporter of coal. With the participation of Australia in the Kyoto Protocol, it is expected that these elements aggravating greenhouse effect be controlled.
This is a big new progress in the International Community and everyone is watching Pres. Bush's response. We hope that US will not be rigid or stubborn but will do what Australia just had done. Not for the betterment of their country but for the betterment of the whole humanity.


strengthening solid waste management

The last time I went home to Baguio, I noticed a clean and green city of pines. I heard over the radio that the local goverment of Baguio is strengthening its campaign for a clean and green "Summer Capital of the Philippines". I was really delighted with the news.
At home, I also noticed that our trashcan is not fully loaded. All plastic and every waste that can be recycled are separated in one place, sorted according to its types. Then i learned that they're making money out of those trash. Our neighbors are also doing the same. It's nice to know that many and many people are getting involved in drives to restore the environment.
I hope that the greater Manila area will be fully informed and be aware of the environmental issues and do their share in saving our mother earth.
The MMDA could be a strong means to push for environmental programs because of the political will that the chaiman possess.


election mess

During election, politicians and their supporters find every ways to reach the voters. Usually they use tarpaulin, posters, fliers, and other campaign materials to make their candidate popular. These campaign materials are posted everywhere, may it be on public and private walls or buildings.Election day was the full blast of wooing the voters.
On this occasion, one common problem arise- waste. Evidence is not necessary. It is visible on streets and on walls. On the election day, pooling places are usually doomed with lots of trash. Plastic bags, styro boxes, campaign materials, etc are everywhere. Trash cans have been provided and yet trash were disposed maliciously everywhere. During these period, people are so heedless to the call of environment. They continue to pollute the land by creating more and more garbage.
After election, many are happy but they forget to sweep the mess that they have created. Worst thing is, when they sit in office, environment is their least prio
I just hope that environment will be included in the election policy and be included as top priority of the government.

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