for every thing, give thanks

Two months ago, I've decided to find an extra job as a source for extra income. I applied in a call center and was able to pass the long and many exams and the preliminary interview. I was advised to wait for their call for they will have to schedule me for an interview. I waited but nobody called for an interview.
I quetioned the Almighty for not granting me the job I ever wanted. I was desperate. I was willing then to work at daytime and at night time. I was very willing to sacrifice my everything to be able to cope up the challenges and hardships of the job I was applying for.
A month ago, I applied in a writing company as a freelance writer, which I accidentally read while browsing the net. After a week, I receivesd a call and an email telling me that my application was approved. I was overjoyed. At last! I got an extra job.
One night, as I about to have my goodnight sleep, I came to realize that this is the answer for my prayers. I realized that this is what God wanted me to have. An extra job that will give me an oppotunity to earn extra money without requiring me to compromise my time and health. This job is better than what I was asking from Him because through this writing job, I will not only earn money but, above all, I will gain additional knowledge.
For this, I want to testify to all readers that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.
If we ask God for something, we just have to wait for what we ask might be better that what God will provide.
God bless us all!!!


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