Revisiting RA 8749

Underlying Section 16 Article 2 of the Philippine Constitution which states that
“The State shall protect and advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.” RA 8749 or the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 was created and successfully came into effect. It was almost nine years since the law was implemented. The law mainly addresses the environmental problem which is AIR POLLUTION, its effect on the environment and on every human’s health.
According to World Bank study in 2003, respiratory illnesses like bronchitis due to particulate emissions generated by vehicles and factories caused the high mortality rate and morbidity in the Philippines. It further announced that 80% of air pollution is generated by motor vehicles.
Under its “Declaration of Principles” the law/state explicitly recognized the principle that “POLLUTERS MUST PAY”. It also recognizes THAT A CLEAN AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT IS FOR GOOD OF ALL AND SHOULD THEREFORE BE THE CONCERN OF ALL.

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Pro Nature Summer Tips

It’s summer time again!

Hot season usually drives us to flock the beaches to freshen by the waves of sea. Some would prefer having picnics in parks. Adventurous fellow chooses to climb the stiff mountains while some would just prefer visiting the zoos and parks.

During this season, we usually spend it bonding with family and friends and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature. However, through our unconsciousness we create wastes and pollute Mother Earth. We enjoy but we destroy.

This summer, do not count yourself among the polluters. BE DIFFERENT.

Here are some nature friendly tips to spend summer:)

1. WALK if the place is just a few meters away. It’s a good exercise and it’s fun.

2. SHARE your car to others. If one car can contain you all, why not use one car only. It’s fun way of bonding. It saves you gasoline and will minimize carbon emissions.

3. RECYCLE. Instead of buying new outfits to add your dumps in the cabinet, better search your cabinet old but cool outfits. It saves you money.
4. DITCH styro or plastic plates and cups. Bring your utensils or better yet, use banana leaves and eat with your bare hands. It’s fun, I promise. Food gets even more delicious.

5. BE RESPONSIBLE in throwing your garbage.

6. PLAN a tree planting activity.

7. BRING YOUR OWN WATER. Instead of rushing the grocery stores for your bottled water bring your own PET plastic bottles for your water and have it just refilled.
8. OPEN your windows to let the sunlight shine upon your room to avoid switching on your lights on daytime. Or better yet, paint your rooms with light colors not just to beautify but to lighten up your dim room.

9. Yeah it’s really hot, cool down by using electric fan instead of aircon. Aiconditioners suck the heat out of a hot room and breathe it out in the environment. It also consumes much of energy which in turn consumes a huge quantity of coal. Coal is one among the elements causing global warming. By using electric fan, you won’t be scratching your head anymore when you receive your electric bill.

10. Recycle your used water. Water used in laundry can be used again for cleaning your car.
11. When you feel like planting in your garden this summer, choose those plants which do not necessarily require much water.
12. Put plants inside your house. A plant emits oxygen. Oxygen will fight away the heat in the house. Plants also beautifies.

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