story behind wrapping

One Sunday morning, I had a chance to sit with my landlady. I saw her wrapping many gifts I thought that probably it’s for her godchildren but I was mistaken. She told me that it is for street children. I reacted with awe and appreciated her for her kind heart. Then she shared me her story.
When she was still young, she usually join her friends caroling from house to house every Christmas. Each of them would earn up to 1,000.00 in just one day. One unfortunate Christmas experience made her change stop from her usual Christmas activity. While they were caroling in front of a big house, a car came out of the gate. While the man driver was maneuvering the car, their friend was hit by the car and fell on the canal. The owner, knowing fully what had happened, heedlessly attended his victim. My land lady felt pity and felt so pathetic of herself. From there she promised herself not to beg during Christmas and instead strive for a better future so she can give to those who are less fortunate.
Today, she is living a good life with a happy family. During Christmas, her family had made it a tradition of giving gifts and feeding street children.
Her story made me decide to spend my Christmas with them. Spending Christmas with a goal of giving to the less fortunate, I believe, is worth spending rather than living in the luxury and superb ness of my traditional Christmas.


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