Blogging power requires great responsibility

Blogging is definitely a powerful communication tool in the world of internet today. It is also a program with encompassing powers. Originally, blogging was used as a journal or diary by many. Bloggers used it also to publish their own thoughts, works, books, and anything put into writing. Blogging has the power of sharing information, thoughts, and views about various things under the sun. However, due to its unlimited power, blogging has been used in many ways.

Blogging is capable of generating money. Through paid posts, one can earn through blog. Such capability is of course beneficial. Blogging is also used by politicians to recruit and influence various target voters. Blogging is also used by aspiring novelists, journalists, and other gifted writers to publish their piece. However, the power of blogging has been abused. Some people use blogging to ruin other reputation and is used to express their grudge against other people. Blogging has been used by some with political interest to advance their interest and influence those easily influenced. Apart from that blogging is clumsily used to insult others and discriminate an ethnic group or organizations.

Blogging has indeed an encompassing capability. It has no limit and boundaries in reaching other people concern. It also reaches innocent people. Yes, an article may have been written without any intention of hurting other people. It may have been written merely to express your thoughts or view about several issues. However, there are sensitive words that may have been inappropriately used.

For no reasons at all, some blogger used the ethnic group to define an ignorant person. The word “bisaya” is also associated to someone having no taste in fashion or other things. Some use “igorot” to define an ignorant person. These irresponsible and careless choose of words may be used personally. However, having it written and shared in public already bears a responsibility and intention to hurt other. The defense of using it as an expression is no excuse at all. Instead, it is a clear evidence of establishing one’s guilt of being racist.

Thoughts written and shared in public carry various responsibilities. In the world of journalism, plagiarism is a mortal sin. Some bloggers have no originality and for the sake of having a blog post, they copy the copyrighted articles of others. It also ruins one’s reputation for branding her/himself as a writer, instead of a “copycat” In order not to be sued for plagiarism, be original.

Irresponsible blogging can also be penalized under the laws governing libel. Blogging is not created to support lies and ruin other’s reputation. Thus, it should not be used to support lies and liars.

Every blogger has social responsibility. I believe blogging is created for everyone to express their personal thought. However, blogging should still adhere and maintain public order and healthy communication or debate. Such article should inform and not distort facts. It should uphold morality and educate the readers. It should not incite hatred or wars but must bridge differences. It should respect other’s culture. It should foster peace. Furthermore, it should inspire. Blogging world may be the world of liberal writers; however every article must be posted with responsibility because it reflects the personality of the author.

Music is Life!

Music is life indeed!. I myself is a music lover. I love to listen to country music. But, being exposed in wider area of music made me love pop, rock, and alternative. Listening to these songs made life more fun and literally adds music to my life. Each song also reminds of something upon hearing it. Though there are various songs that is being introduced almost every day, my ears will never get tired of loving music.

Apart from music, I have been interested in awards given to every artist. In this regard, I wish to have availed of the Country Music Awards Tickets to fly myself and watch my favorite artists being given the award that he deserves. For those, however, interested in attending, tickets can be availed of through the internet. Garth Brooks tickets and Taylor Swift tickets can also be bought though the internet. Like I desire, don’t miss out the entertainment. Schedules are just one of a lifetime and the same fun cannot be repeated.


Math is Easy

Among students, math is considered as their Waterloo. Many also avoid courses that are related to math or requires curriculum in math. Others also make math word problems as the reason for their failure. Algebra word problems are also among the most hated part of math. However, math can never be problem anymore because of math help.

By applying in tutorials schools, one can easily grasp the math answers of various math problems in school. Algebra will eventually be loved through the proper algebra help. The purpose of these online tutorials will help college students pass their subject and eventually achieve their dreams. Through patient and consulting the experts, the woes about math easily be dealt with.


Necessity Over Necessity

One of the reasons that made the government unable to solve environmental problem is the necessity. Undeniably, despite various laws that mandate the government and the Filipino people to comply with their environmental duties, there are still no clear and prevalent changes that can be seen elsewhere. Litters are still around the corner. Wastes are continuously being generated from everywhere. Carbon dioxide and lead are still on the loose while plastics are still rampantly being used in all stores.

Few years ago, the call to cut carbon dioxide emission has been mandated by the Kyoto Protocol. The Clean Air Act also dictates it. However, long years after the enactment and implementation of these laws, carbon dioxide can still be inhaled. Some companies have still failed to comply with the environmental laws governing them. Cars and public transportation vehicles are still emitting the killer gas. The rivers are also used as dumping pit for garbage. Discipline is still elusive.

For these unbearable and disappointing results, not only the government but also the whole Filipino people should be blamed of. The laws are simple yet it becomes difficult for the government to comply with the law. One simple reason is the use of plastic bags. According to research, plastic bags contributed largely to the destruction of the ozone layer. Aside from that, plastic bags are decomposable that lives lifetime occupying a considerable area in the riverbanks, esteros, canals, and dumping sites. When burnt, the plastic emits a gas that directly damages the ozone layer. Despite all these facts and warnings, the use of plastic bags elsewhere is on the loose.

On the part of the government, it failed to pass laws that will ban the use of plastic bags on the mere ground that such law will leave millions of Filipinos unemployed. The manufacture of plastic bags involves various hands before it reaches perfection. Aside from that, there are sellers, distributors, and thousands of people depending from it. Hence, prohibiting its use would eventually cripple millions of families.

Unluckily, in this kind of situation, the nature suffers. Life is certainly important and priority. But then, life would be worthless if the environment where life exists is full of junks. In this kind of situation, it would also be hard for the government to weigh among the two; however, I truly believe that there are still options available only when full potential of the natural resources is maximized.

Halloween Teen Customes now available

A few months from now, Halloween party will surely rock the street. However, have you had already your Halloween costume? If your last experience was fun, make sure to make this year a remarkable Halloween party by using the simple yet realistic Halloween Teen Costumes. There would definitely various costumes on the rise now. But, the best cannot be seen elsewhere except online. True, there are online stores offering costumes that will surely help you achieve your dream character even just for a day. Proper costume is not only achieved in the color or make up but definitely on how the costume really fits the user. It is also achieved through the fancy outfits.


Let's talk about politics

I do love politics. This is also the reason why I enrolled political science. They also say that, in every aspect of life, there is politics. However, my interest does not rest on running for an elective office. My interest is firmly standing for the reason I have and my political belief about an issue.

There are certainly various political issues that divides the society. One of which includes gay rights, abortion, death penalty, among others. However, despite debates, these issues still remains to be an issue. The interesting part, however, is the conflicting reasons of the pro and anti. As for me, I adamantly stand for my position through debates. Many times, I resort to political bulletin boards for issues and in voicing out my voice. Now, do you want to face in a debate?

My Pledge!

Yes, finally I have made my way to Greenpeace org. Since I landed here in Makati, one of my goal was to be part of the Greenpeace org. Learn various ways in protecting the environment and contributing in the preservation of the environment. For quite some time, I tried to personally abide to the simple environment-friendly guidelines. However, I found it quite inadequate. Eventually, this blog. Then three months ago, I made far as financially contributing to the organization that I admire most because of their commitment in preserving the environment and in continuously influencing other people to have a heart for Mother Nature. Now, I still hope that I can do more. And hoping that you too can contribute as far as I'm doing. ^_^


Planning for your home improvements

Home improvement is one enjoyable activity of one family. Having a garden of your own and building your own dream house challenges both talents and family bonding. In improving a house, there are various ways to do it. However, it is necessary to have an idea at hand before going into the improvement. There must be designs and plans ahead of buying the things needed. Planning the areas that need improvements and adding accessories to the house can be made easy through the help of surfing various sites that gives guidance in house improvement.

Make sure also that the things you buy are those needed. If planning to add hammock near your garden, inquire first the materials that will last and will give a relaxing sway. Having barbecue grill is also perfect during Sunday barbecue party. If you choose to beautify your garden, look for flowers that will resist any kind of weather. It is also advisable to review which flowers can bloom a longer period in order that the beautifying effect will also last long. Reviewing the flowers you plan to plant is indeed a great idea. Furthermore, make sure that the improvements you are planning are possible.


Say Goodbye to Termites!

Termites are indeed house owner’s worst enemy. Our house was not excused from the damaging effects of termite attack. Our wooden walls suffered a considerable destruction and we need to have it replaced. However, the very disappointing among the attacks of termites is the damage it caused to our wooden door which was designed personally by my father. The door was inspired with his artistic hand and imagination. The door has also been the most praised part of the house because of its beauty and extraordinary design. Unluckily, it was damaged by termites. Due to the unfriendly bites of termites, we had to use all efforts to save the door from further dilapidation. So, the first thing we did was to review the termites and then the ways on how to protect our house from further attack of termites. Successfully, termites were gone after a laborious and patient effort.


My Top List of Furniture

Dream house. It is definitely among the top three priorities of everyone. Like me, I have been dreaming of my own dream house. Contrary to what other want, I don’t want my house to reflect my personality. I just want my house capable of containing the furniture I want to fit in my house. As for me, the space and color blending is very necessary. So, I’ve decided to lists the furniture I need and want and browsed the best in the furniture stores. Since I love reading, relaxing, and drinking coffee my top list includes bookcase, bedroom set, and coffee table.
At furniture store I have found all the useful, artistic, and excellent furniture I will be buying. The Cape Ann bookcase is just perfect for its capacity. I can contain all my law books, collection of novels, dictionaries, magazines, and other books. Some sizes of shelves are just perfect for my extra books and house accessories. Organizing is made easy. White color also suits the cleanliness that I want maintain.
Newport desk satisfies my need during coffee break because it has a relaxing structure and the space can be shared with three to four others. It is just perfect for meetings or small talk while having coffee. The seat gives a relaxing feeling indeed.
Finally, the bedroom looks and feels like elegant. It gives a feeling of fulfillment for everyday’s work because of its elegance. It brings a feeling of satisfaction because of its sophisticated style and relaxes the mind and body for its durability and comfort. All said, my choices are just perfect.


Dinner that Incited Hunger for Good Governance

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The administration is again being criticized for the controversial dinner that worth a million. On the said evening, Pres. Arroyo and her husband, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary, were invited to a dinner in an expensive restaurant, Le Cirque. One Congressman Martin Rumualdez of Leyte was pinpointed by the administration to have paid the bill which amounted to almost a million pesos. Another bill amounting to P700,000 at Bobby Van's Steakhouse restaurant was again released by The New York Post. The administration’s defense was full of lies and denials and has gone too far to questioning the ethics of media instead of proving that the money was not taken from the blood and sweat of Filipino people.

The dinner news may have satisfied the presidents and other officials’ gluttony but it has incited hunger for Filipino people who strive to work morally to have a decent meal in a day. The sumptuous and expensive meal was not appealing to the poor country. Instead, it incited hunger for good governance. It incited hunger and cravings for a clean and corrupt less president. It did not also fill the people with peace, but created alarums and excursions because the act of the public servant was out of moral and ethical virtue of a public official. It has proven heedless and doubtful commitment of the public officials involved in helping the country and the people prosper.

Given the side of the administration to explain itself, Romualdez denied that he paid for the meal. Press Secretary Remonde said that the amount was exaggerated but failed and persistently hid the true amount of the bill. Atty. Macalintal was also obviously angered and blamed the media, instead, and questioned the morality of the media. Eventually, they are pinpointing at each other as the one who paid for the bill. After what everyone has said, only one thing is clear- they are all lying and trying to cover the president about the issue.

Be that as it may, the President and the officials did not acted according to the moral and ethical virtue of a public servant. It may have not violated any law of the land, but has violated the expectations of the people of their leaders. It has violated the virtues that has been expected of them and violated their pact to God when they were put in the position. The leader of the country did not act like a good father to his family.

According to some law experts, having accepted the “dinner treat” is tantamount to indirect bribery. A million worth of dinner have strings attached to it. Denying would be beyond possible, unless that person is a complete fool. Let’s say that there is no strings attached, but accepting a million worth of dinner attests the existence of greed. With that, the president did not demonstrate the virtue of a conscientious mother advising the right thing to her son. As a president, she should have refused and resisted the dinner which cost an arm and a leg and advised the particular person to use it in s useful manner.

Before spending millions of pesos just for a meal, they should have reflected for a moment about the real situation of the country. Millions of Filipino is suffering from hunger. Hunger is also considered among the causes of death. With a second of prayer before eating, God could have bestowed them the spirit of realization. But with the excitement and hunger, maybe they forgot the prayer before meal.

If the meal was paid by Congressman Romualdez, as the administration asserted, he then should prove that his constituent does not need improvement and that every people in his province does not need money at all. However, he denied to have paid for the meal. The meal has clearly demonstrated hypocrisy. They lived a life in glass houses while the people paying for their salaries are living a life beyond redemption.

Public officials are accountable for their acts. As public figures, they are open for criticisms. The people also have the right to question every act of public officials. And if the people question them for doing the wrong thing, they owe us only explanations not shallow questions. Atty. Macalintal, in defense, questioned the morality of the media. With his tactic, I believe that he is a good lawyer but not that good. Instead of directly answering with yes or no, he raised a new issue which is beyond the topic. If the people would judge him, his alibis are surely denied. Has he also forgotten that the media is the fourth department of the government and the protector of the people? Thanks to media, instead, for they have informed us of the hypocrisy and gluttony of the public officials who ate at Le Cirque and Bobby Van's steakhouse.

here is the news from Washington Post

Social Networking for Academic Excellence

Social networking is undeniably on the loose. Usually in social networking websites, members can see and chat with their friends, find mates, share photos, and socialize per se. but how about a social network for students and for the purpose of helping college student with their studies, especially in math. Indeed, Math is considered the waterloo of most students. For such purposes, an educational and motivational network has been launch.

Aside from building groups of friends, a study group can also be formed in helping each member in their math exam. Each student also becomes a partner in developing outstanding students through sharing Math Homework Solution. Study resources have also been provided for student’s needs. Is it not worth spending to deal with people of the same interest of helping his fellow get through his academic performance?


Another Devastating Typhoon

Sadly, typhoon Kiko left the country with traces of devastation of not only properties but most importantly lives and dreams of the victims. The fury of typhoon Kiko was suffered by people in Metro Manila, Northern Luzon, and Cagayan Valley. According to reports, more than 70,000 were affected while 10 from various places died. In Zambales alone, the news was disturbing when news flashed a town flooded and washed out houses built with strong foundation. The frightening flood was due to the destruction of the dike by the strong wind and continued rain of Typhoon Kiko. In Baguio, landslides buried more than 10 lives and there are even missing miners. Some parts are still drowned in flood.

The mess that typhoon Kiko is not new and neither is an even that cannot happen again. Every year and almost every month during rainy season, lives and properties were anticipated to be lost. The flood is becoming a usual reaction to the rain visits the country. This tragedy is becoming more usual. Could this be an effect of Global Warming?


Backed by the best to be on the top!

After the invention of Internet, drastic developments have evolved. An individual cannot only search for information though the Internet but can also post his or her own opinions, ideas, and other works of any kind in the Internet, making it available to all viewers or readers. The power of Internet has truly changed the lifestyle of today. One cannot live without computer or laptop and most of all, Internet. The power of Internet has also eventually made life easier and effective in the aspect of communication and information gathering and sharing. Through the Internet, many people of various sector can really rely on the Internet through the power of surfing.

Remarkably, one of the evolving hobbies in the Internet is blogging, network socializing, creation of websites, and building wordpress sites, among others. In building websites or wordpress sites, many advantages can be reaped in business or even for personal purposes. However, there is also a battle that one has to undergo in maintaining a good website- competition. Undeniably, there are millions of thousands of sites created in the net. The chance of being on the top searches is slim because of websites having powerful hosts and immeasurable traffics. Hence, a need of a web hosting is a necessity.

Though web hosting, one can easily manage his or her website and maintain traffic that would eventually make the website on the top searches. This way, one can successfully build his business or influence more Internet users with regard to his ideas or opinions. Apart from that, the integrity and reliability of the users will be achieved by the website or wordpress owner. Among wordpress users, wordpress web hosting is a necessity to win various readers from different part of the globe. The traffic maintained will surely make your site popular and respectable because of the number of visitors and because of the best hosting that web hosting can offer. Definitely, this does not only apply to wordpress but also any kind of sites or blogs that requires platform. So, for those planning to establish their own sites and those having their own sites already, make sure to have it backed by a web host for a longer and successful life in the world of Internet.

The Miracle of Opening Without a Key

One of the changes I have noticed these days are doors which can be opened through your finger or thumb. In our office, we can have access to entrance through the use of biometrics. I was mesmerized by the power of a keyless lock because of convenience it offers. In addition, it minimizes the hassle of losing keys or having someone to open and close the door every time an employee enters the office.

I just wondered that when keyless locks are used at home, it would be more comfortable and minimize the risk of unwanted entrance or petty crimes such as trespass, burglary, and even robbery. By using keyless lock, one can gain entrance by merely using a finger which cannot be copied for every individual has been gifted with unique finger print. Losing your keys will no longer be a problem as you will not lose your finger. The amazing feature of having a keyless lock is the upgraded ability of programming the lock as to who are allowed to enter and the length of period that one can stay. During this time of technological innovation, everything is really changing its course and making life lighter and easier.

Satellite TV on the rise!

I must admit that I am a television addict. Like in any other homes, a television set completes the entertainment needs of the whole household. Television is not only the primary source of entertainment but most importantly, the source of updated information and news about anything around the globe. Even news in foreign lands is made available through the television screen. Hence, television is an effective means of connecting people from different parts of the world. It is also a necessity that builds understanding among men of different cultures, languages, and beliefs.

The necessity of television has also pushed for the development of entertainment and television technologies. Apart from that, there had been different Directv vs. Dish available online. Through these services, the source of Directv and Satellite TV Providers can be made known in a few clicks. In the same way, the best provider can also be discovered. Hence, in satisfying our entertainment needs, a television that offers the best should be chosen. Entertainment is a good way of relieving stress; hence, entertainment technologies should be that of “one of the best.”



On this very day, i received a confirmed news that former President Corazon Aquino is gone. With the death of Cory, the whole Filipino nation will mourn for the loss of one of the presidents loved by the Filipino people.

COry Aquino is considered as an icon of democracy because of her zealous part during the EDSA I and in fighting the administration of Marcos or the administration of tyranny. Cory is also known for the yellow ribbon and color yellow per se as a symbol of democracy.

At age of 76, God has put an end to Cory's life. With the death of Cory the fight for democracy will experience changes- but definitely for the better. Cory has also been active in fighting the previous and the present fraud and misgovernance of the previous and present administration. Cory has also been praised for her courage in standing for the people during the height of Marcos era. And, at the point of her death, Cory continued to leave the Philippine a legacy of good governance and an exemplary values of a good president.

Despite the death of the icon of democracy, let not democracy die with her. Instead, let the spirit of democracy burn among Filipino people let us be inspired by the deeds of the late Pres. Corazon Aquino.

May her soul rest in peace.

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