simbang gabi

The traditional simbang gabi or evening mass for Roman Catholics is fast approaching. Among Filipinos, the simnbang gabi which starts on the 16th of December marks the start of Christmas. During these days, the country is filled with excitement and joy.
A peculiar thing on simbang gabi, among believers, is the belief that their wishes will be granted after they have completed the 9 days of simbang gabi.
I remeber a friend, wayback in high school, she was saddened when she missed one mass and never wished on the Christmas Day. This belief I just kept in my mind but haven't practiced it. Odd.
Among Filipinoes, the simbang gabi come in with the traditional delicacy called "puto bumbong". However, in many provinces they have their own delicacy made of rice.
Further, simbang gabi signals the start of caroling. After the evening mass, children, adult and even oldies gather to serenade homes with their Christmas songs.
Caroling was an activity I enjoyed really when I was a child. After the mass we would gather with my friends and do caroling. Those moments were filled with unforgettable experiences like when a hungry- like dog ran after us, huh! it was tiring and some of us were crying but then we ended laughing lol. what a wonderful experience.
Last year, I was able to attend only two simbnag gabi. This coming simbang gabi might be worst, I might not be able to attend at least one. Sad but I will just leave it all to the only real reason for christmas, Jesus Christ.


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