Children's joy

yesterday, the children from children's joy foundation visited us in our company. They entertained us with their dance and serenated us with their christmas songs. I was impressed with their talent in dancing, singing and playing musical instruments at an early age. The five year old girl attracted all our attention because she was so cute and talented.
In the middle of their performace, they sang "Bituing Walang Ningning" (Stars without light/ shine). They touched most of us. I wasn't able to hide my tears and so I decided to run to the comfort room.
At that very moment I realized that I am very much fortunate for having a family. Unlike those children left by their parents alone and existing in the world of abandoned.
At age ten, I came to learn about the abandoned children when I watched a life of an abandoned child. I really pitied the abandoned child in the movie. She was so pathetic. I pitied her. From there, I dreamed of building a foundation or charity that will house all children abadoned by their parents. I will give them good future that their parents denied them. At a young age, my tender heart was for the abandoned children.
Just yesterday, I recalled my dream is still a dream for I haven't fulfiiled it yet.
I cried because I can't do anything but to pity them. I pitied them but its useless for they needed not pity but help. And because I cannot financially help them enough, I am useless.
In this world, I just can't imagine why the world seems so unfair. And
not until these abadoned children see and be with their real parents, their joy will not be complete.

To children's joy foundation, may the good Lord shower you with more blessings and long life so that you will be able to help more needy children. And to the children of Children's Joy Foundation and all abandoned children, may God fulfill the desire of your hearts.


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