point of realization

since childhood, i was fond of dancing even if i can't dance well. i was even laughed at for being a "trying hard". nonetheless, i continued to join groups of dancers to dance everytime there is an activity in school and during fiesta and new year celebrations.
two years ago, in the company where i am presently engaged in, my "talent" in dancing was developed. it was "unbelievable". During our Christmas party, our President would give special awards to those who perform well. Since childhoodc, i dance because i just fell like dancing and i really wanted to perform in front of many people. Even if i don't do well. What was important to me was to entertain and be recognized by the community. However, for many years of dancing, I never heard of a comment such as "very good" or "you're a good dancer".
On my first Christmas Party in Senju, I danced together with new employees like me. I was so glad to hear my audience shouting my name while perfoming. I was so flattered when my boss told ne "I didn't know that you're a good dancer". I, myself, cannot believe to waht I've heard.
Since then, I perform with others everytime our company have a special activity. I enjoy dancing and happy to hear compliments but never believed people who compimented me. Never did I believe them because I thought that I would only believe myself as a good dancer if I will be awarded as the Best Female Performer.
Last night, my third Christmas at Senju, I hoped that my name be called as the Best Female Performer. Afar from what I've hoped, the award was given to someone else. Sadness was not what I felt. Last night was my point of realizing that I am a good dancer for after our performance and until we headed home, my co employees and friends smiled at me and said "Wow! you really dance so good!" "and galing mo naman". From that very moment, I never doubted those people who complimented me. From that very moment, i thought that probably it might be good for me to enroll a dancing class and make it as a career (lol).
At that very moment, I realized that an award is not an evidence to rate your talent but by every praise that you receive and most of all by every smile that you leave upon your audience.


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