my first earning

Whew! These past few weeks I was buried in job and deadlines of my writing projects. I never thought my new job would bury me in books and would eat all my extra time. I was even usually rushing to meet my deadlines. Within two weeks, my life was concentrated at work and on books. Nighttime was time think and write instead of rest. At first, it wasn’t easy but I have to meet my commitments.
Just this December, I was overjoyed to see my $ 40.60 earnings. Wow! My extra job was tiresome and is really squeezing my mind but the joy of earning took it all. For about two weeks, I’ve completed three orders and even gained good remarks. It’s really worth working for. I’m not only earning but I’m also learning.
These changes in my daily routine have affected much my other activities. Maintaining my three blogs is very far from possible because time and effort cannot allow it.
This is the main reason also why I’ve decided to compress my thoughts in just only one site.
From now on, I'll be sharing infos and additional knowledge that I'd be learning from my writing job.


ginabeloved said...

I'm planning to buy my 40 dollars a dress for our christmas party!

Gibo said...

you got that from which service? i am so far stuck with adsense. tried pay per post but got rejected. dont understand why.

ginabeloved said...

adsense and payper post have thier own terms and conditions.
i am a freelance writer, i aint advertisin'
try to search the net for companies hiring for freelance writer.

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