Necessity Over Necessity

One of the reasons that made the government unable to solve environmental problem is the necessity. Undeniably, despite various laws that mandate the government and the Filipino people to comply with their environmental duties, there are still no clear and prevalent changes that can be seen elsewhere. Litters are still around the corner. Wastes are continuously being generated from everywhere. Carbon dioxide and lead are still on the loose while plastics are still rampantly being used in all stores.

Few years ago, the call to cut carbon dioxide emission has been mandated by the Kyoto Protocol. The Clean Air Act also dictates it. However, long years after the enactment and implementation of these laws, carbon dioxide can still be inhaled. Some companies have still failed to comply with the environmental laws governing them. Cars and public transportation vehicles are still emitting the killer gas. The rivers are also used as dumping pit for garbage. Discipline is still elusive.

For these unbearable and disappointing results, not only the government but also the whole Filipino people should be blamed of. The laws are simple yet it becomes difficult for the government to comply with the law. One simple reason is the use of plastic bags. According to research, plastic bags contributed largely to the destruction of the ozone layer. Aside from that, plastic bags are decomposable that lives lifetime occupying a considerable area in the riverbanks, esteros, canals, and dumping sites. When burnt, the plastic emits a gas that directly damages the ozone layer. Despite all these facts and warnings, the use of plastic bags elsewhere is on the loose.

On the part of the government, it failed to pass laws that will ban the use of plastic bags on the mere ground that such law will leave millions of Filipinos unemployed. The manufacture of plastic bags involves various hands before it reaches perfection. Aside from that, there are sellers, distributors, and thousands of people depending from it. Hence, prohibiting its use would eventually cripple millions of families.

Unluckily, in this kind of situation, the nature suffers. Life is certainly important and priority. But then, life would be worthless if the environment where life exists is full of junks. In this kind of situation, it would also be hard for the government to weigh among the two; however, I truly believe that there are still options available only when full potential of the natural resources is maximized.


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