My Top List of Furniture

Dream house. It is definitely among the top three priorities of everyone. Like me, I have been dreaming of my own dream house. Contrary to what other want, I don’t want my house to reflect my personality. I just want my house capable of containing the furniture I want to fit in my house. As for me, the space and color blending is very necessary. So, I’ve decided to lists the furniture I need and want and browsed the best in the furniture stores. Since I love reading, relaxing, and drinking coffee my top list includes bookcase, bedroom set, and coffee table.
At furniture store I have found all the useful, artistic, and excellent furniture I will be buying. The Cape Ann bookcase is just perfect for its capacity. I can contain all my law books, collection of novels, dictionaries, magazines, and other books. Some sizes of shelves are just perfect for my extra books and house accessories. Organizing is made easy. White color also suits the cleanliness that I want maintain.
Newport desk satisfies my need during coffee break because it has a relaxing structure and the space can be shared with three to four others. It is just perfect for meetings or small talk while having coffee. The seat gives a relaxing feeling indeed.
Finally, the bedroom looks and feels like elegant. It gives a feeling of fulfillment for everyday’s work because of its elegance. It brings a feeling of satisfaction because of its sophisticated style and relaxes the mind and body for its durability and comfort. All said, my choices are just perfect.


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