The Miracle of Opening Without a Key

One of the changes I have noticed these days are doors which can be opened through your finger or thumb. In our office, we can have access to entrance through the use of biometrics. I was mesmerized by the power of a keyless lock because of convenience it offers. In addition, it minimizes the hassle of losing keys or having someone to open and close the door every time an employee enters the office.

I just wondered that when keyless locks are used at home, it would be more comfortable and minimize the risk of unwanted entrance or petty crimes such as trespass, burglary, and even robbery. By using keyless lock, one can gain entrance by merely using a finger which cannot be copied for every individual has been gifted with unique finger print. Losing your keys will no longer be a problem as you will not lose your finger. The amazing feature of having a keyless lock is the upgraded ability of programming the lock as to who are allowed to enter and the length of period that one can stay. During this time of technological innovation, everything is really changing its course and making life lighter and easier.


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