Blogging power requires great responsibility

Blogging is definitely a powerful communication tool in the world of internet today. It is also a program with encompassing powers. Originally, blogging was used as a journal or diary by many. Bloggers used it also to publish their own thoughts, works, books, and anything put into writing. Blogging has the power of sharing information, thoughts, and views about various things under the sun. However, due to its unlimited power, blogging has been used in many ways.

Blogging is capable of generating money. Through paid posts, one can earn through blog. Such capability is of course beneficial. Blogging is also used by politicians to recruit and influence various target voters. Blogging is also used by aspiring novelists, journalists, and other gifted writers to publish their piece. However, the power of blogging has been abused. Some people use blogging to ruin other reputation and is used to express their grudge against other people. Blogging has been used by some with political interest to advance their interest and influence those easily influenced. Apart from that blogging is clumsily used to insult others and discriminate an ethnic group or organizations.

Blogging has indeed an encompassing capability. It has no limit and boundaries in reaching other people concern. It also reaches innocent people. Yes, an article may have been written without any intention of hurting other people. It may have been written merely to express your thoughts or view about several issues. However, there are sensitive words that may have been inappropriately used.

For no reasons at all, some blogger used the ethnic group to define an ignorant person. The word “bisaya” is also associated to someone having no taste in fashion or other things. Some use “igorot” to define an ignorant person. These irresponsible and careless choose of words may be used personally. However, having it written and shared in public already bears a responsibility and intention to hurt other. The defense of using it as an expression is no excuse at all. Instead, it is a clear evidence of establishing one’s guilt of being racist.

Thoughts written and shared in public carry various responsibilities. In the world of journalism, plagiarism is a mortal sin. Some bloggers have no originality and for the sake of having a blog post, they copy the copyrighted articles of others. It also ruins one’s reputation for branding her/himself as a writer, instead of a “copycat” In order not to be sued for plagiarism, be original.

Irresponsible blogging can also be penalized under the laws governing libel. Blogging is not created to support lies and ruin other’s reputation. Thus, it should not be used to support lies and liars.

Every blogger has social responsibility. I believe blogging is created for everyone to express their personal thought. However, blogging should still adhere and maintain public order and healthy communication or debate. Such article should inform and not distort facts. It should uphold morality and educate the readers. It should not incite hatred or wars but must bridge differences. It should respect other’s culture. It should foster peace. Furthermore, it should inspire. Blogging world may be the world of liberal writers; however every article must be posted with responsibility because it reflects the personality of the author.


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