Winning is simply defined as succeeding in a particular contest. It practically means bringing home an award or trophy, receiving a certificate or medal or bagging money after a contest, race or game. Or even seizing a territory after a battle.

Winning brings a feeling of satisfaction and pride. It brings popularity and wealth. It opens a wide horizon for learning and opportunities. It soothes the feeling of stress after a long and tiresome battle. It is a medication for lost pride during the battle. To some, it may be the final but to some it may just be the start of a real battle.

A victor is usually marked by physically receiving an award or wearing a crown that, sadly, many victors value. But for a real victor, winning is not only weighed by the awards or medals earned but by every failure that a contestant has conquered. It is not measured by how your name has gone so far but by every lesson that you have brought to your viewers or fans. It is not based upon applauses you proudly heard but by the satisfaction you offer to your supporters. Neither is seen on list of accomplishments but by every purpose that you have fulfilled. The price of winning is priceless more than gold medals but like a diamond it stays forever.

In every competition, it is not the purpose of getting into the finish line or grabbing an award that matters. Sometimes, while in the race the purpose varies. That purpose will only be seen at the middle of the competition. Seeing that purpose is the wisest thing than being publicly pronounced as a winner. Fulfilling that hidden and newly discovered purpose already makes one a victor.

Life, usually, is said to be a game. And we, human being, are competitors of our own race. In every race come ups and downs. In this life, victory is earned in many ways. Victory is earned even from failures as long as in every failure you learn to stand up and try again. As Winston Churchill stated, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”. For what loss can bring you is challenge and in conquering that challenge it brings you happiness. Success is neither measured on every award earned if it does not make you happy at all. Success can be attained even away from finish line when happiness is within you. Albert Schweitzer said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

No victor wins a battle alone. Behind every success hid people who patiently and courageously support a victor. Nobody successes without having an inspiration. And it is the spirit of inspiring that forces a victor to win.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, `It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust, and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

At this stage, I am very overwhelmed to receive this award.

and recently, this

This award can never be mine if not because of all those who were behind me. I wouldn’t be in this battle if not for the people who patiently visit and read my posts. I wouldn’t be this happy if it weren’t for those fellow blogger who supported and gave me strength to continue. I wouldn’t be this successful if I never met those guys who inspired me. This award does not worth an ordinary blogger like me. But by every clicks that my friends especially on my blog roll exerted, the award has finally chosen my blog.

I dedicate this simple essay to Anino, Ilovephilippinestoo, Verso Para Libertad, Weng's Thing, La Vita, Mojo Potato, Mummy Sheng, From the Boondocks, Lawstude's journey, kris jasper, Caca, Coffee Break and trishna

please forgive me for grammatical errors.

i thank Anino, Rojen, From the Boondocks and Verso Para Libertad, and Mummy Sheng for campaigning me nad never gets tired of reading my boring posts. Who keeps a visit on my blog a daily habit. i thank them for inspiring me.

i sincerely thank all bloggers in my blogroll lists,
a simple life, arjaeuse, bet-ew, blog earner, bolpen at kape, bryce_bugz, caca, carrot prince, cebu blogger, CFD, cma quest,dedena, deepak, digital chain, digital polaroids, exoticmalyn, fil-am journey, free tricks and tips, gagay, great pleasure, great pasture, health and fitness, health and dose, holy kamote, john's, josh of arabia, kerslyn's life lesson, kris jasper, krisha, life's journey, lights n shades, my two cents worth, malyn, marc austin, marco polo, my small world, mixed nuts, moms,my reviews and more, never ending story, obliquenook, palm of my hands, pinaymama's diary, razazo, renan, rorksalem, sensible innovations, sexymom, soulnughgets, textmate, travel free, unpredictable life, wandering commuter, from the eyes of my heart and zerohourproject. i also thank all my non- blogger friends kuya frank, bridge, ate weng, anthony, my mother of course, ken, amleth, may-san, rustan-san, bele-san, connie-san, delia-san, paula-san, joy-san, steve-san, love-san, and everyone though not named who continued pushing me to go further. you made a big impact by casting your precious votes and by inspiring me to continue with my cause. Also to talksmart for having this kind of contest

Most of all, i thank God for introducing you all to me and for making all things possible for all of us.



aww.. thanks... but you surely deserve it.

DJB Rizalist said...

Keep blogging...until the ideas gain a life of their own...

DJB Rizalist said...

As for global warming, we shall have to explain why ALL the planets of the solar system seem to be warming. Take Mars for instance, it polar ice caps have been shrinking since we been keeping records! Why? No suv's up there, eh?

Verso para Libertad said...


mwah!...congrats sis...u deserve the award and so proud of you. keep on sharing.

Gabz said...

Great! great! Congrats! Happy blogging and pursue your advocacy to saving Mother Nature!

the admin guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aL|e said...

Congratz! you deserve it! *wink*

ginabeloved said...

to kris jasper, thanks a lot i know everyday you spare your precious time to click for my blog.

salamat amigo

ginabeloved said...

to djb rizalist, thanks a lot for visiting and for the comments :)


ginabeloved said...

hey gabz, welcome! thanks! hope you'll be an environment's advocate too :)


ginabeloved said...

of course to my dear brother Oliver and sis alje, thanks thanks thanks!!!

hugs and kisses to all of you :)

I Love Philippines! said...

Nope. Am not busy with writers dear. My pc simgly broke and am packing to be in milan this wk. After a day or two na paglibot libot dun, il start to transfer in germany. U knw am writing in a tourist site so i better take that time na maka make photos and to gather info to write about. Congrats again. Lie low muna ako. Mahirap din magtype kc sa cellphone. At saka d ako maka edit. I dont have new post as you can notice. I need a new laptop talaga. Hdddy...

Kamulo said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the award. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. Hope to exchange notes with you more in the near future.

Matago-tago ka. (Come to think of it, that's the closest I can translate MABUHAY!)


bill bilig said...

Congrats :-) And thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

University of Makati Chorale said...

hi nice site.. care for ex link? tnx godbless..

coolingstar9 said...

I am coolingstar9, glad to know that you have received such a valuable award, keep it up, you had put a lot of efforts to give awareness of global warming, do not litter the environment.
This is really a good deed, hope the world can become a better environment for us and future environment.
I have added you on my blogroll, should you include me in your blogroll, have a wonderful weekend.

ginabeloved said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ginabeloved said...

ilovephilstoo, thanks for droppin. hope youll have your laptop asap so we could exchange NOBELA more often. i miss those long stories,
enjoy every second of your stay there becasue you are really so lucky to have such privilege.

God bless!

ginabeloved said...

kamulo and bill bilig, salamat po ng marami for supporting my cause thank you soo much

matago-tago tako am in!

let's keep on rockin'!
thank you very much again

ginabeloved said...

kuya oliver, suuuuuuper salamat
wala na akong alam na salita kundi salamat yon ay sapagka't napakalaking bagay ang nagawa ninyong lahat para makamit ko ang award nato.
dahil sa pagkapanalo ko, nakilala ako at higit sa lahat nalaman ng marami ang kahalagahan ng kalikasan. marami din ang nakabasa tungkol sa eARTH HOUR, kung hindi dahil sa inyong lahat hindi ko magagawang ipagkalat ang event na ito. dahil sa inyong lahat nananalig ako na magiging matagumpay ang Earth Hour.
i am hoping also that through this, environmental problem and the intergenerational responsibility of every human being living here on earth be fulfilled or at least be included in our priorities

sa inyong lahat, maraming maraming maraming salamat

God bless you all!!!

ginabeloved said...

makati chorale, ive included you already. thanks for the visit!

to cooolingstar, thanks thanks thanks for the visit! :)

hope you can join the EARTH HOUR too

TruBlue said...

Just dropping by "from da boondocks" where I mainly make my wacky and honest commentaries. You exude so much energy as evident in the way you exchange pleasantries with commenters. I do applaud you for that and great to know you are a "coffee drinker", one of my weaknesses.
Cheers to you and goodhealth. Happy Easter too!

caca said...

naks may dedication pa. :)

i was out last week, lenten vacation. wehhh!

there's this BAYO invitation for environtalists, i would like to join sana, pero for youth eh. heheheh! as in very youth. LOL! nice, pag pumasa ka extensive training sa sweden ba yun. anyway, hanapin ko ulit yung invitation tapos forward ko sayo.

ginabeloved said...

Trueblue, thanks for sparing a visit and time to read my blog. i usually see you in ilovephilippinestoo. hope you can join the Earth Hour :)

ginabeloved said...

hello CACA, thank you for all your kindness.
hope you'll find it but i may not qualify sa age pa lang LOL
God bless you lovely girl :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations po.u deserve it naman..came 'from d boondocks';-)


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