Join the search for "OKEY KA! PINOY KA!"

Why do you blog? Is it to entertain? Influence? Inform? of just buzzing out rants? Nah, I've got good news for ya! Shen has organized a contest for bloggers who does good deeds and making a difference, encourages and emulates, and raises awareness on the value of being a FILIPINO. I know everyone's qualified and as worthy as raising our Filipino banners. Why don't you start visiting Shen NOW to know more!



Happy easter

Shen said...

I hope that more people will join this search. The search is also a project of our organization Brotherhood of Destiny, Inc. (BROOD) and one of our advocacy is recognizing those who deserve to be recognized.

Also I am adding additional prize to it and now is giving 1,000 EC to the winner, 700 EC to the 2nd place and 300 EC to the 3rd prize winner.

We are now making a single category since it makes more sense that way.

I Love Philippines! said...

huhuhu...nawala ang napakahabang comment ko!

Anonymous said...

actually friend, sabi ko, i have to sta for easter and now i am still here in the south coz cousin went home from sicily from work with her fiance kaya we had to stay for the gathering... dito nga sila naanghalian kanina together with aunt while yesterday, dun din kami sa kanila.

anyways, i try to visit this site you blogged about... please see this link:

Josh of Arabia said...

this is cool..i want to grab that banner..

and hey, congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! its cool! Mr. Shen has added prizes!

ginabeloved said...

salamat po sa lahat ng bumisita. maraming salamat.

yes, you can freely grab the logo. i know that Mr. Shen would appreciate it.

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