Earth Hour 2008

let us join this GLOBAL EVENT


ProudPinoy said...

I am putting this up on my site!

Thank for the visit.

ginabeloved said...

thanks a lot proud pinoy. all pinoys out there please help us campaign for its success.

para sa ikabubuti ng ating kapaligiran!

Anino said...

Ginabeloved, ipinapasa ko ito sa mga email contacts ko sa yahoo at maging sa Friendster ko.

Siyanga pala, araw-araw akong bumoboto sa iyo. Hindi lang makadalaw dahil abala sa trabaho. Maging Sabado at Linggo ay hindi ko pinalalagpas.

Tom said...

It's a shame there is no event in Paris!!

ginabeloved said...

to tom, thanks a lot for the visit. i guess Paris registered and will participate. please go to for more info. you can also join by signing up in the site i stated. besides, you can help in protecting and in the preservation of the environment in many ways. thank you soo much for having a caring heart for our mother nature

you're a big asset

Tom said...

Thanks Gina for your message...but i've done my research and event in Paris!

ginabeloved said...

to tom, ok im sorry. but definitely you can join us by putting off your lights on 8 pm- 9pm on mArch 29, 2008. though you're not here in the phils. you'd be contributing much against global warming.

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