a few hours to go!

TIC TAC TIC TAC... MY MOST AWAITED EVENT IS FAST APPROACHING. A FEW MOMENTS FROM NOW, THE EARTH WILL EXPERIENCE AN HOUR OF DARKNESS- sadly, not all will be participating but I hope those who knew about it will not think twice nor snub this global act against Global Warming. Some people think it's just a myth while others are just heedless and careless.
Nonetheless, many are we who care much about our environment, which our loving God has entrusted to us. Let us begin to treasure it by repairing the damages we have caused our Mother Earth. On March 29, 2008 at exactly 8pm-9pm, let us hand in hand join our forces to save energy!

It's gonna be an hour of darkness but will not waste time nor cost you a dime.
For that period of one hour many things can be done like:
1. Having a candlelight dinner.
2. Play guitar/ sing with your friends/ families.
3. Kwentuhan with your friends in the veranda while enjoying the breeze of summer (possible)
4. Composing a poem or piece in your cp.
5. Play with your cellphones/psp or battery full gadgets.
6. Sleep.
do you have something legal and moral thing to add?

As for me, since I will be with my friends that time, I will be spending it by number 3- kwentuhan with my friends


Vincent Bautista said...

Hello! I see that you're supporting the Earth Hour Campaign too! same here. I'm from Bukidnon here in Mindanao and I do hope people will participate in tomorrow's event.

But it's sad that ad campaigns are not that good.

It would be good to see the city pitch black hahaha!

Ami3 S10 said...

Mabuhai! Thanks for featuring my pic from my flickr :). Of coz it's no problem as this shows our support for this cool and phenomenal event!Btw, googled ur name from the comments and found ur blog. ;)

Am from Sabah, Malaysia and unfortunately only one bar is holding an Earth Hour event here in KK. Over here, it's kinda new, so not much exposure yet. :S. And unfortunately, I can't go as I have plans already. Dang! There's always nxt year tho. But I'll be thinking about EARTH HOUR at 8pm for sure!

Alright, let us all turn of the lights and see the world in a different light!

Go Earth Hour!

Peace! Amie

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi friend! Wow! very good campaign..sorry for this di kita natulungan dito... Iam very busy sa pag eempake, kasi ayaw kumasya,...mga 60 kilo na yata ito...haaay friend...hope to have more time again para makakachika tayo...keep up the good work. Hope i wont miss the blogworld. Ingat palagi ang mabukay ang Pilipinas and the Meliorist.

ginabeloved said...

hey vincent, thanks for visiting i'm glad thate you're campaigning Earth Hour too. let's hope for its success.

Happy Earth Hour!!!

next year i believe it's gonna be a nationwide campaign and you'll be representing Mindanao!

God bless us!

ginabeloved said...

he there ami3, gosh it's so overwhelming to be visited by someone like you who is a certified Earth Hour advocate.
thank you for your image that i used in my campaign.

here too, in the philippines, only 4 cities will be participating, i am saddened that my own birthplace has no idea about it and i blame it to the local government LOL. but i have informed my families and friends and im so lucky that they responded positively.

Yeah definitely there is one again next year and i hope that many countries will participate. I am happy also that many youth are participating. it's a simple step but with great impact.

Happy Earth HOur!

ginabeloved said...

dear ilovephilippinestoo, thanks for the visit.
enjoy your trip and God bless you!

just keep me posted ok?

left my message on your blog :)

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi Friend... It's around three pm here and mamayang gabi na alis ko from here to Milan.... With the Easter Daze here, wala talagang masasakyan kaya am here, will suffer back aches for fiteen hours coz only bus is available... all the rails/tains are full na and also the flights... even yung first class! mama mia! I am going to stay in Milan for a day or two before proceeding to Germany. Don't worry friend, I have a pure Italian blooded companion and can sae me for life if anything happens so i always feel sure and safe... hehehe

Congrats for the campaign and I do hope it will be a success over there. I hope TV and radio stations put awareness as well but i am not really sure considering the media there are all vying for money, which means, an hour of electricity off is a million of pesos loss for their networks, kaya, i am not so sure about the media campaign in ph for the earth hour.

About polluting the envisronment, well, i guess if i breath, that is the only way...hehehe... i also don't eat so much in fast foods with styro and i do not smoke. i keep my candy wrappers in my pocket so i guess i am not polluting the earth much...

As for the image, i was astonished when anino told me that he saw my picture... hehehe...accident lang yun.. i kept it back but i did not know na yung comments ko while i had the profile pic stiill shows pa rin until now. Anyways, i always look young and feel young and act young outside. It's inside that I understood all. I grew out independently kasi, without parents since 11 and i am 23 now... see? hehehe.. anyway, balik nobela ba ito?

Cge, just leave any message.. I guess i can still log with phone even in germany but cannot make new posts so i can still see my blogs and at leasrt visit friends' blogs... and i hope i can email soon.

clarice said...

i made it! i unplugged all the appliances at home that needed to be unplugged. what a great feeling. lumamig kaya kahit na konti ang mundo.
but you know what i've watched from australian network (but a bbc world documentary) that the world is dimming that causes cooling effect!

Anonymous said...

HEYyyyy (^^,)
sadly my country didn't participate in 60 earth hour movement (*sob) i did join the site though..

Anino said...


Anong ginawa mo,Gie?

ilovephilippinestoo said...

hi friend...whats the update? am here in milan na... dyos ko mga twelve hours na bayhe...kakapagod! how was the result of the campaign/earth hour? am excited to know.... take care. hope to hear from you using cousins laptop...

hugaspaa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sendzki said...

we didn't participate in the said earth hour. there weren't campaigns here in Dumaguete and also there in our hometown in Ozamiz. But I'm glad to hear several in Manila took part in the said event. It was something sacrificial and it was worth it.

caca said...

hi gina girl, i'm happy to say na nakilahok ang city namin sa event na ito, pero nalungkot at nainis din, kasi hindi pinaabot ng isang oras ang total blackout sa city, mga 15 to 20 minutes.

hula ko lang, kasi nung day na yun eh, graduation ng iilang schools dito, baka tumawag ang mga restaurants at nag-request na kung maari ay wag paabutin ng isang oras. :(


I joined this.. I went to the gym so for a couple of hours evrything in our unit was off.

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