Succesful Earth Hour in the Philippines

S-U-C-C-E-S-S-F-U-L. This is how to describe the recently held Earth Hour in the Philippines.

On March 29, 2008, through the initiative of WWF and active participation of Energy Sec. Angelo Reyes, many Filipino people went to the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) to mark the ceremony of EARTH HOUR. Major places in Metro Manila, Pasay, Makati, Parañaque and Caloocan shut off their lights from 8pm-9pm. Lights along Roxas Blvd., Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Ave., Makati Ave., were shut off. Lamp posts in Kalayaan, South and J.P. Rizal were also put off. For an hour, darkness was felt in CCP. Some business establishments such as McDonalds and SM switched off their lights. Many residents nationwide has also participated making the awareness spread throughout the Philippines.

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This is an update from GMA.

An hour of darkness in some parts of the Philippines only shows that we, people of a third world country and not among the highest producers of pollutants, are aware and not blind of the growing environmental problem- GLOBAL WARMING. That through our cooperation, we showed the world our willingness to share our part in preserving our Mother Earth. For a simple sacrifice, we can do better and effective ways.
Through cooperation and unity, we can fight Global Warming. An hour of sacrifice is nothing compared to the priceless feeling of being a part of an event for a NOBLE CAUSE.

CHEERS!!! for all :)


Ana said...

Great to hear that the Earth Hours was successful in the Philippines. Unfortunately I didn't feel anything different that hour in the country where I live.

ginabeloved said...

thanks Ana for the visit.
It's ok, there will be next year and I'm pretty sure you will be joining:)

abelle | Only in Silence said...

Thank you for visiting Only in Silence and thank you for your comment. It’s good contributing a little for planet Earth. Hope to see you drop by again soon! ;o)

sendzki said...

missed it in our place, but great thing for those who participated!

ginabeloved said...

hi ebelle, thanks for your time.

it's ok SENDZKI, try not to miss it next year :-)

From the Eyes of my Heart said...

Oh goodie =) it was a success! I wasn't home during earth hour I was at a friend's wake. But I told my housemates to turn off the lights that night. I also posted an announcement on my multiply site.

Josh of Arabia said...

cool tips..cooler animation..

SAVE THE EARTH.!!.i'm one with you :)

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