i wish i am wrong


aL|e said...

i wish din po...but i think you are right po.. *sigh*

redrogue said...

Hello! Pasensya kana ayaw talaga ako payagan ng mga mails ko mag in...three days ago payang first part pero di ako makakasend...both gmail and yahoo so i make it public nalang here... haaayyy

Dear Friend..

Six works as of now and i guess it's around 60 dollars... not that big! hehehe... but it's ok because there are not much accounting works that come in, i choose it kasi because i feel like reviewing. At the moment, napasubo ako sa isang work that caught my interest. Actually, i have no idea about this topic, literature in the medieval age, but i want to study this topic din, since its relevant to me na ngayon dahil nakatayo na ako sa setting ng history or ng story, inacccept ko. Instead of making 3 pages as requested, i reached 6 sa sobrang dmi ng gusto kong sabihin! Hay naku! Sana ok lng sa customer na siz pages sya! hehehe... Actuallykakatapos ko lang and i am about to review it but i thought of emailing you. I also processed my tax identification number here kaya medyo sobrang occupied. Moreover, i have this cosmotourist things pa ang my blogs! Aba! Daig ko pa ang full time worker nito! hmmmp! Sobrang late na nga ako nagigising!

Ikaw ha, may pasundo sundo kana pala! hahaha! Take care and enjoy life.... Keep smiling and stay being the earth advocate. ^_^

The above email, three days ko pa kinompose but had no chance to send it. As of now I am using wap, just changed internet company from TIM Italia to Vodafone... This is cheaper kasi so i am trying this out. Sometimes it has limitataions coz the signal here is not that god for 3G...kelangan kasi nasa 3G sya bago ko magamit. I cant also use it with phone so i have to connect with PC before I can use so no much online activity. Actually my other plan which is WIND can be used in phone but as you know, medyo busy ang lola.... ok naman sa writers though minsan sobrang mura. I have outstanding work for 40 dollars but will expire in 5 days pa.... hehehe...

I'll be emailing my tita din about the earth hour. Thanks for the info. Take care and hope to hear from you soon... Hi to your "sundo"...hehehe


I Love Philippines Too said...

Hmmmmm.. you make me remember the news that hot the country when i was still there and i was still in university... well, illegal logging and as i remember there were people killed just for this issue.

Actually, all goes back to us naman...just remember what happened to Layete. We do so much abuse to our nature and we never put in mind what it will do to us in the future.

I remember my korean student told me...
"WE ARE NOT STUPID TO THROW GARBAGE IN OUR RIVERS IN KOREA".... well, he simply implied that we are all stupid back in Philippines with our very dirty surroundings... he has reson and I can see his point! It would be a big hypocrisy to say that Ph is clean!

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