valentine gift

Life of blogging does not revolve only in posting personal views or ideas, experiences or stories. Blogging has opened us an opportunity to meet people around the globe. Some of them become our friends while some are just passers- by. The good thing is we earn friends, experience other's life and feel their presence in whatever mood we are.
This time, I thank all bloggers around the globe who've been part of my blogging life, from my regular readers and supporters down to people who have spared their most precious seconds of time.
I have nothing to give as a valentine's gift, no images to forward but I have scheduled to plant a tree when I get home in Baguio for all of you as a living symbol of our friendship. Why tree? you might say, It is for the reason that tree, for me, symbolizes life and hope. In this unpredictable world, perturbed by environmental problems, it is best to build life and nurture hope by protecting the environment.
This might be of "nothing" to you but it is my best way of showing my warm gratitude that I've come to meet you.
If God wills it, 20 years from now, I will be taking picture of it with your blog's site engraved on it :)

I thank Sweet Rai for this gift.


Anino said...

Mahilig din ako sa mga puno.

Sana mabasa mo ang aking nobela.Maiibigan mo ang karakter ni Monroy.

I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! Gina nakakatouch ito. To be honest this one is better than a personal gift. Wow you live in Baguio? That means you got lots of tourists there? It was so bad I had to be out of the country when my friends visited Baguio last November 30 to December.

I am imagining the name of my blog there! Hahaha... Great! We can then feature it.. ang ganda ng theme. Hmmm.. anong tree pala yan? Is it Mahogany ba or narra?

I hope it would grow big and very sturdy. Bon Lavoro, Gina!

ginabeloved said...

to Anino, ok I will

to ilovephils;
ill be planting puno ng kamatis hahaha

narra would be the best choice and it suits our backyard :)
para malapad ang mapagsusulatan ko ng blogsites natin

sure it will be sturdy and will grow tall- greenthumb kaya ako :)

Alvin said...

I used to live in Baguio and saw how it deteriorated into an urban mess. But we can do something. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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