101 rEAsOns tO plAnt A trEE

1. source of food
2. source of water
3. source of oxygen
4. provides shade
5. food for animals
6. foundation of home
7. beautifies
8. shelter for birds
9. dance with the wind
10. strengthens the soil
11. source of medicine
12. form the mountains
13. creates paper
14. builds a house
15. stands a table
16. chopsticks for the Chinese
17. protection from flood
18. protection from strong wind
19. fights global warming
20. source of life
21. improves air quality
22. protects the water
23. saves energy
24. improve economic sustainability
25. reduce greenhouse effect
26. photosynthesis
27. cuts CO2 buildup
28. remove other gaseous pollutants
29. enhance traffic calming measures
30. attract business
31. attract tourists
32. improve neighbor relationship
33. harbor wildlife
34. architectural function
35. engineering function
36. air conditioning
37. forms a bed
38. source of living
39. sculptural function
40. artistic value
41. creates relationship
42. can be forever witness of love
43. produces paper
44. builds a boat
45. satisfy job needs
46. scaffold
47. produce books
48. source of income
49. cooks food
51. charcoal
52. organic pesticides
53. experimental purposes
54. source of oil
55. beauty products
56. organic medicine
57. organic foods
58. whitening
59. foundation of a building
60. helps the pasture
61. food chain process
62. tooth pick
63. protects the environment
64. home for orchids
65. home for other parasitic organisms
66. livelihood
67. wood carvers
68. inspiration
69. component of a park
70. creates a comfortable seat
71. “bakya”
72. home for bees
73. home for hamsters
74. “Joyce Kilmer”
75. verdantness/ lushness
76. balance and healthful ecology
77. deforestation
78. water shortage
79. drying up of rivers, brooks and streams
80. massive soil erosion
81. loss of soil fertility
82. loss of agricultural productivity
83. extinction of unique flora and fauna
84. disturbance of cultural communities
85. increasing demand for biodegradable materials
86. destruction of corals due to siltation of rivers and seabed
87. drought
88. flooding of lowlands and agricultural plains
89. siltation of dams
90. shortening of lifespan of milti- billion peso dam
91. el niño
92. habitat for the living things
93. irrigation
94. massive illegal logging
95. wind breakers
96. rainforest
97. intense heat
98. loss of agricultural productivity
99. my responsibility
100. your responsibility
101. for our future sons and daughters that are yet to come.
...aren't you convinced yet OR YOU ARE JUST HEEDLESS?!


I Love Philippines Too! said...

Wow! A housand reasons actually...because one leads to the other. Trees really have much to offer when we need basic need and raw materials for most of the many things we see.

When I was in high school, there were lots of tree planting activity. What I can say is, planting is not enough. Planting the tree will not help if the tree do not grow. So for me, it's not only planting but nurturing.

There is one location back in the place I studied high school where students flock to plant trees at least thrice each year. The bad news is, every year there is a vacant space to plant on! This means they only waste the effort and planted trees for they did not grow.


Anino said...

Energizer din! Kapag pagod,maaaring yumakap sa isang puno.

Tsaka pag-gawa ng GETA ng Hapon.

Narinig mo na ba yun?

ginabeloved said...

actually reasons are still counting...

GETA? what's that?

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