National ID System.. again?

Here comes again the ghost of the National ID System hunting the whole nation. In 2006, if I am not mistaken, the National ID System has been proposed by the administration but the Supreme Court declared it as unconstitutional. The peoples constitutionally guaranteed rights especially on right to privacy has been feared to be curtailed when the National ID System will pursue.
Today, the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are proposing it because they hardly locate and prosecute the terrorist and the rebels. During the Spanish regime, the heroic tearing of cedula has led to the achievement of the freedom that we now enjoy. The National ID System was strongly opposed by many for it poses threat to the privacy of the people and it does not guarantee justifiable prosecution of those who would be suspected and caught as terrorists. And among other reasons, we Filipinos have opposed it and the Supreme Court has decided intelligently.
It seems now that the AFP and PNP has not grasped the wisdom behind peoples’ opposition and the Supreme Court’s decision for they insist that the proposed National ID System will not curtail any of our Constitutional rights. What is their basis for saying so?
Will the National ID System solve their problem on terrorism?
I’m sure my answer is the same as yours.
The National ID System has been strongly opposed for possibilities of extrajudicial killings, abuse of authority and it could build the road to martial law, especially so that presidential election is nearing.
Instead of the National ID System, I truly believe that the solution to the continued existence of the NPAs and rebels is to eradicate the abusive politicians and public officials and cut the head of the corrupt public officials and change the redundant system in the government. This way, communists, NPAs and rebels will slowly disappear.
Fellow freedom lover, our forefathers have sacrificed their own precious lives to achieve our freedom and it is our responsibility, being their descendants to treasure it. Let us protect it from selfish power grabbers.


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