Green courts

Few days ago, the Supreme Court has assigned 117 courts in the Philippines purposely to hear and decide on environmental cases. I remember when I was still in law school, my teacher in Environmental Law discussed us various cases involving the environment that was just left undecided. The judiciary’s problem on clogging of cases has affected much the environment sector because their cases were not even heard. But now, the answer of the environmentalists' problem is finally answered.
The 117 courts has been called as the “Green Courts” for they are assigned to hear, try, and decide expeditiously cases involving illegal mining, illegal logging, illegal fishing and other acts and omissions involving the environment. This is a great start for 2008. Many cases that have been waiting for decision can now be decided.
This is a good start to attenuate environmental abuses by selfish human beings.
I hope that with the creation of these green courts, all people will be more participative of their responsibilities to Mother Earth, be vigilant in pointing the abusers and be more conscious of the environment abuses. I hope that the DENR and its underlying agencies will be more active in the implementation of the environmental policies and laws.
With the creation of the green courts, I hope that the environmental problems will be addressed positively, expeditiously and continuously.


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