unforgettable stay in Pan Pacific Hotel

This is just one among the many poses made in Pan Pacific Hotel during our Christmas Party. Behind me is the relaxing and clean blue swimming pool for those who choose to spend their time in one of the cozy and comforting rooms of the hotel. Outside is the veranda where the beautiful view of Manila is visible. On the lobby, there placed a soft and inviting couch for those tired of walking or standing. I myself loved sitting and enjoyed the softness of one of the couch. In fact, I was even caught enjoying a nap on one of the couches.
The very place I would mostly appreciate in the hotel is the comfort rooms. It is a room where you can’t just comfortably discharge the call of nature but it is also a possible place for dining lol. Its cleanliness would certainly scare the germs away!
The carpeted and spacious hall was just perfect for our number for we do not touch each others’ elbow. The lights, sound, smoke effects provided to us were just suited and made our presentations more entertaining. I liked the backdrop, just perfect.
The hotel’s employees and staff were kind and friendly. In fact, I even borrowed the coats of the waiters for our presentation lol. They delightfully lent it. Then we brought home the 3rd prize.
Certainly, one day, I will be spending my precious time in Pan Pacific Hotel.


CresceNet said...

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ginabeloved said...

hi crescenet! thank you for getting interested in my blog. i will surely add you as one of my numerous wonderful friends.

Anonymous said...

what a beatiful post... you look so elegant and so beautiful... pang artista ang post...

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