little thing with great impact

Todays trend is faced with economic and environment impact. The issue on JPEPA and Biofuel are just among those policies debated for such. Other groups support JPEPA for its advantage on the economy while other sectors fully oppose it because of the threat it poses to the environment. The Biofuel bill is supported by many because of its environmental benefits while many debates it for it affects the economy (or profit of other people)
In this world of imbalance, the realization of our dream on both the economy and environment can be stranded.
However, we ordinary people can do more than those forming policies. Economic nor environmental impact cannot be compromised by spending less, saving more and protecting the environment.
Simply, when you buy your grocery items, choose to buy those packed in plastic bottles or in cans or those packed in larger quantity rather than those packed in sachets. With this, you spend less by not necessarily going to the grocery twice or trice a month. You have saved not only fare but also your time and effort. You can generate money from the emptied plastics, bottles and cans by selling them to the junk shops. Lastly, you have helped in the preservation of the environment for not producing wastes that would pollute the land. You have avoided generating plastic or garbage that could have added to the mountain- like dump sites.
This simple practice in our daily life can be a great contribution to the protection of our environment.
Having been aware of the environmental problems, I have learned to consider the environmental impact of aught that I buy everywhere.
Having read this, hope you would share in the preservation of our environment.


lluks said...

pareho pareho lang yan kunwari to sve the environment or what pero at the end sila rin ang kukurakor nyan hehehe...

ginabeloved said...

well, what's important is doing everything you can, how simple and ordinary it may be, to help the environment.

ginabeloved said...

my friend usually tells me "don't mind them, just do the things what you think is right."

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