Who is my President?

As the Election Day is nearing, the political fight also continues to intensify. As usual, the politicians are jumpy as ever and they most likely fill the churches praying for their luck while winning the voter’s vote. But, this May 2010 election is more exhilarating, interesting and much anticipated because it will be done through electronic voting. Apart from that, the fundamental question, “who shall among the aspirants will I vote?” becomes more essential and even mind boggling.
Mind boggling, because there is no one among the presidential aspirants have all the qualities that a Filipino citizen wants from his president. Importantly, they all just blah blah without nothing that would firmly prove their sincerity and dedication to serve. Despite this unfortunate truth, a Filipino voter should vote on May 10th. On that day, one must have responsibly decided on what name to shade.
Surely, it would be foolishness if I will choose Erap. For once, he had been remarkably dethroned and the allegations have been proven real. He has been given a chance to lead but he only led his people to revolt against him. Even his friends turned their back against him. There is no need to go further.
Though it’s true that Philippines have worsen in many aspects, even the personal characters of politicians and government officials have been attacked. With the continuous and unbearable rise of corruption and poverty, it is about time that morality should be instituted in the highest pedestal of political hierarchy. However, it does not necessarily mean that a religious leader be pushed in that position. Politics is political.
A person from rags to riches may have all the experiences and may have understood the situation of three-fourths of country’s population. However, giving out of money from personal pocket will not eradicate poverty. Instead, it will induce indolence and tolerate mendicancy. Though Villar may have all the riches but does he has the capacity to lead a country to its place? Money may be a fuel, but it is not the only means to run a wheel. How would he actually perceive corruption? With all the controversies attached to his name, it can be more than enough to doubt writing his name on May 10. It is yet early to have him as the president.
For many years, we had leaders graduate from Harvard, University of the Philippines and from prestigious and famous schools. We had various leaders with high educational attainment and achievement in life. However, their intelligence went to waste as they just continue to dump the country into debt and rampant corruption. Policies they formed were merely for their interest and they just doubled their wealth in other countries. For many times, people marched along the streets to compel them out of the palace due to their crookedness.
Gibo may have all the intelligence but may lack the wisdom. For the past four years, the Filipino people got tired and infuriated by the shameful controversies involving the most powerful person in the country. In giving chance to Gibo, will responsible people be made to pay for all their corrupt activities in the past? Will he able to create good governance or will he just continue the legacy of his ancestor? Will he ever address the Hacienda Luisita issue? Having him as president will only revive the fears of the people during the GMA period.
Indeed, in the administration capability, the tandem of Gordon and Binay could have been very promising. Developing their cities into “success” is a great political and personal achievement. The status of Makati and Subic is evident of their dedication to serve their constituents. Philippines will surely have a brighter future having them in the highest position. However, will their political will be effective in the whole nation? Will they ever rule together knowing that they do not belong to the same line?
They say, Aquino does not have the experience and incapable of ruling the country. That he only lives under the shadow of his parents. But, this time, the country does not need someone who has all the money, intellectual power, spiritual ascendancy. What the country needs is a person who has a firm principle that is righteous. Solving corruption, which is the cause of poverty, is the primary need of the country. The reinstatement of people with dedication to change the government into a useful one is the urgent need that Filipino must consider. Aquino may have passed various laws during his reign in the lower position, but his deeds have firmly formed him into one that does not tolerate a policy that will put the country into failure. Today, the country does not need someone with A+ and overwhelming wealth. What it needs is someone who cannot yield on the crooked system in politics. Eventually change will follow. I believe that principle and reputation are the strongest weapons in making one stand firm to go straight.
Moreover, it cannot be denied that the fight is between the three parties, Villar, Gibo and Aquino. Rather than putting your vote on others, put it on Aquino in order to deter those who has the capacity to cheat and dump the country into a piece of hell. Tomorrow, make use of your vote. It has a power to change. Choose the better change. Be wise and responsible because that is a true Filipino.


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