The Landing of the Knight

On the pitch-dark moment of my life, the knight unexpectedly landed to shed light. Though I had known the knight for quite some time, I had a clearer look at how he really looked like. He was like a stone that borrowed its light but it has shone brightly when I needed its light.
Life was filled with turmoil and suffering that drove me to the cliff of surrender. But the knight has extended his arms to hold me back to the ground. As he raised his sword, all that caused the turmoil has silenced.
With the peaceful landing of the knight, I wished that he will never embark. Be with me all the time and be my guide in this dark and risky place. In his arms I feel safe and guarded from the threat of emptiness and sorrow. And, if I were a lion, he has completely tamed me from fury.
With his presence, everything seemed clear and blissful that even moment to wish has no place. He has everything and he seemed to be my everything.
The knight has completely changed my life from being fearful to being brave. He shared his strength and courage for me to stand up against the vultures. He served as my shield in this strange world. He has filled with joy the emptiness of being alone and needy.
The knight has completely changed my perception about life. Though, before I used to dream and be disappointed. Now, I feel contented for he has filled in the greatest dream I had. I hope it will not just be for the meantime but will last as a reality for a lifetime.
The knight has an unexplainable magic that made me raise my arms and completely surrender. He absorbed all my power and strength but with his presence, serenity and love is overflowing and perpetual.
Gentle knight, be my knight. You must know that you are the love of my existence and parting from you would turn back the lifeless existence. Gentle knight, be mine…forever.


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