"A waste is NOT a waste, UNLESS wasted!"

On my way to my uncertain destination, I saw the dump truck of Dudai with a print “A Waste is not Waste unless wasted.” What a positive and strong slogan I said. But it really speaks the truth. A waste can never be a waste unless we consider or treat it as a waste.
In today’s world of environmental chaos, there is a need to act and save the place we live in from impending destruction. One of the main causes of this environmental turn-out is waste. There is no doubt about it.
Centuries ago, there has been wastes/garbage that has been accumulated through time. Without much concern from human beings, the environment has been taken for granted. Today, our generation is suffering from the massive abuses of our mother nature. As a consequence, our generation is forced to make plans in saving the earth from further environmental retaliation. Aside from policies, laws and international agreements controlling in different part of the world, one of the most effective and efficient way of saving the earth from total chaos is avoiding waste from being treated as a waste.
Every single waste we throw in our garbage can be created into something useful. Not wasting waste can be an inspiring and motivating action that can answer our environmental dilemma. Taking Dubai as an epitome can help each country realize the worldly dream of making Earth a safe haven. I also believe that there is no impossibility as long as there is the will and determination to do it.
This new year, let us take the slogan of Dubai as our own and apply it in our daily life. Surely, like the progressive Dubai, there will be growth every single day. And, definitely, at the end of the long process, our dream for our mother earth is not far from realization.


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