Reminiscing 2009

2009 is definitely a remarkable year for the Philippines. At the onset of the year, various tragedies and controversies have shattered the lives and hearts of Filipinos. Of course, victorious successes have also inspired every Filipino people. But, as always, at the end of every year, the Filipino people is firmly standing and persistently surviving especially on Christmas season.
For the past 11 months, thousands of lives were lost when ferries were submerged. Millions of properties were destroyed when super typhoons landed in our lands. Precious lives were not also spared by the wrath of the typhoons. Until now, some of the victims are on the process of recovering. With the damaged caused by the typhoons, not only the affected areas were put in difficult situation.
A new month followed and a tragic, obnoxious, intolerable and beyond conscience crime shocked the whole world in the Maguindanao massacre. With the span of hours, the victims were brutally murdered. As the days go by, number of victims continued also to increase. The massacre is really beyond one’s imagination. Martial law has also been declared. However, the search for justice is still slow and difficult.
After few days, the country has again put to test with the eruption of volcano. For most of the year, schools have been converted into an evacuation centers. Education, health, and normal living have been compromised. Now, few days ago, the country is again mourning for the loss of passengers of ship that sunked after being hit by another fishing vessel.
These are merely tragedies that visited the country for the whole year. Embarrassments have also clouded the country through the controversies made by the president and her allies and Hayden Kho. The controversial ZTE scandal can never be erased in the Philippine history because it proves the dirt that politicians and people in power tried to cover. Despite the evidences, truth still remained as lies. With the extravagant yet unnecessary dinner of the president with her allies and husband, the hope and trust of the Filipino people have completely shrunked. Adding the questionable million dollar mansion of the president’s son has even made the situation unbearable. The corrupted power is still whirling and ruling the country.
Merely an accessory, the Hayden Kho scandal may have put the country in shame because of the immorality of some professionals. But then, the scandal has tested the ability of the justice system and the role of woman in the society. Until now, we have to admit that there is no clarity and not all are protected against cyber and other kind of violence.
Most of all, we mourned for the loss of our great president, Cory Aquino. Her death is really memorable as memorable as her contribution to the democracy that we are enjoying today. With her death, we realized the importance of democracy and faith.
Big thanks to Manny Pacquiao and Efren Penaflorida, for reviving hope that sun will shine again on us. Big thanks also to those who sacrificed their lives to save and help the victims of the typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng. With the concerted support of every Filipino, we have helped those who lost to have their life back again. No matter how small or big that each has contributed, it has made a difference in reviving the hopes and bringing back the smiles to every victim. This 2009, the experiences of every Filipino is a memory that will live forever. The tragedies and victories will also be continuously shared as it unleashed the heroes within us, Filipinos. Apart from that, surviving these tragedies has proven the resilience of every Filipino and their faith to the Creator. Mabuhay and Pilipino! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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