Unexpected Political Turnout


Mar’s political career turnout has indeed shocked the country. Mar’s act of giving up his political ambition this 2010 in favor of Senator Aquino has really led the political future of Philippines to the path of hope. The decision made by Mar Roxas is indisputably a great sacrifice. His political ambition for presidency has already been known at the first showing of his million worth of commercial. Apart from that, his marriage to Korina Sachez also spiced up to his popularity tactics. Undeniably, the efforts he had earlier made worth millions. However, this September 1, he renounced his ambition and gave way for Se. Aquino.

The act of Mar Roxas is indeed an example of great sacrifice. A great sacrifice for the greater success of his plans for the country. Though in my own political analysis, he has relinquished his ambition because he already knew that Sen. Aquino would win if the latter runs, his deed is still worthy of applause. It cannot be denied that he was filled with frustrations. Yet, he managed to stand firm to his political decision. Apart from that, knowing the he is the real kin of the person who established the Liberal party, he is still the one who gave way.

With his political decision, we hope that Mar Roxas’ sacrifices will bear fruit. We hope that the people’s dream of real change will be achieved by 2010. Though, up to this moment, Sen. Aquino has not yet confirmed his candidacy, it is much expected that he will stand the fight for the Liberal party. With this unexpected political U-turns, hopefully the Philippine will finally have a clean government.

Hopefully, Sen. Aquino will be guided by the Holy Spirit as to his political decision. It is true that millions of people are pushing him to run for presidency for his clean political characters. Corruption may also his least thing to do while in position. However, according to political analysts, he does not have control over the Congress. Unfortunately, the Congress is still ruled by the party of the administration. But then, among the Filipino masses, character comes first before power of political organization. This is the asset of Sen. Aquino that he can be proud of. Needless to say, it is still early to say the turnout of the 2010 election. But then, hopefully, the Filipino people will unite in supporting the right leader this 2010. And, hopefully, the person to be crowned as president will not fail the Filipino people. Instead, he will lead the country towards prosperity and peace.


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