Flood: A Normal Catastrophe

Before, in elementary grade; the news about Ormoc City was conscientiously shocking. Everything that transcribed during that incident makes everyone shake like a leaf. It was also the very moment where logging was condemned. The washing out of the whole city was more than disastrous but a proof that the nature can be angered when pushed to its limits.

The Ormoc City tragedy was a like ghost that hunted every person who had experienced and witnessed it. Yet, the lesson it left faded among us now. Illegal logging still went on the rise. Some people involved are even those sitting in the government. Apart from illegal logging, people have increased activities that continued to damage the environment from improper throwing of waste to non-implementation of environmental laws. Nature has also been abused by the construction of various infrastructures. Agricultural areas have been converted to residential or commercial areas. Rivers have been converted to roads. Trees have been cut down in favor of a mall. Mountains have been flattened to pave way for manufacturing companies. Various things have also been manufactured toting up to the dumping pit. While wastes become mountainous in size so as the rivers. Now, the global warming is enclosing the earth from the prison made by humans. The nature has definitely been abused.

Today, flood has become a normal catastrophe. Every year, every typhoon that visits the country devastates an area living dead people, damaged properties, and failed dreams. The disturbing news in several flooded areas almost every month no longer leaves fear among the people affected and to government as well. Notably, in Quezon province, another Ormoc Tragedy has devastated several areas. Hundreds of lives and houses have vanished. The marks of the ruins are still evident in some areas. People affected have not also been recovered. Poverty has increased in the province. Illegal logging has also been pinpointed as the main factor that led to the destructive flood. Yet, logging has not yet been totally banned. Interestingly, the province’s Congressman just admitted to have paid for millions of pesos of dinner.

A little downpour of rain is also enough to immerse certain areas in Manila. Flood has also become a normal aftermath of rain. Provinces not usually flooded are also experiencing submersion in water. In the coming years, the possibility of erasing some areas of the country is not far from impossible, if we will not address the environmental problems. Good luck Philippines! Good luck Earth!


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