the scavengers

In this era of environmental disaster, there lives a class of society whose existence is vital . They are unnoticed. They are socially excluded. Some of them just knocks at your door asking for plastics or newspapers. However, they are being drawn away by others as if they are a threat. Some of them patiently walks along the streets digging every trash bags on their way. While some awaits for more trash in the dumpsites. Yes,indeed,they are the scavengers.
Despite their social status, they are of great importance. Without them, wastes that can be recycled will add to the mountain- like dump sites. Without them, nobody would segregate the waste we intentionally and indiscriminately produce. Without them, more plastics will just end up in the drainage causing floods. Without them, more sources of methane and carbon gases will be produced that would result to global warming. Without them. more environmental problem will likely occur. However, despite their function, many still mock and discriminate them.

In the spirit of necessity, is it not but just to include them as part of the important class of the society?


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina (^^,)
it's been a while i didn't visit your site huh? hehe.. pardon my absent, been busy with working in the jungle with bunch of hot men... hee hee...

speaking of your post... thanks for reminding me the value of scavengers...

Chronicles of Trisna

WeblogLearner said...

the thing is, when i was living in makati, i see many of them in the morning opening trash bags... the problem is that they are too good to open and to halukay but juts leave the garbage bag out in the open kaya sumisingaw and then nilalangaw and nagiging kalat sa least they close what they opened... when they look for cans or bottles.

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