clean does noT mean waste free

Makati is known to be the cleanest city in the Philippines. It can be obviously seen by its clean surroundings. However, being clean does not mean being free from garbage or waste. It is just so disappointing that the cleanest city can be considered the highest producer of materials contributing to the greenhouse effect- plastics, styrofores, etc.
Hundreds of employees in Makati are living a busy life and away from their parents/ families. Nobody cooks for them and they just depend on instant foods which are usually packed in plastics which are non biodegradable and cannot be recycled. Most of these wastes are only being thrown in the dumping sites adding to the millions of tons of garbage that is waiting for hundred of years to decay. In Makati offices where there is no canteen, foods are being delivered packed in a styro. If in one office, occupied by at least 50 employees and 80% buys their lunch which are packed in styro, then just in a week, hundreds of styro can be generated. Going further calculation could just drain my brain!
It is so disappointing that despite government’s programs, environmentalist’s advertisement and campaigns about global warming, thousands of professionals are still unaware and instead just add to the problem. Living in a busy world shall not impede us from doing things that will contribute to the restoration of our environment. Producing garbage is unavoidable- Yes- but it can be MINIMIZED.


ginabeloved said...

whew! after a stressful work, finally had time to post... it might take a looong period again to update.

to all those who continued protecting the environment, LET'S ALL KEEP UP THIS ZEALOUS PURPOSE!


Anonymous said...

hello fwend! How are you? I just noticed nga na isa lang yung na post mo after the last time... Keep up the good work.

Hope to see you at my new sets of blogs instead and I do hope you add the link of at least one...

ABC Bloglearning at

Gian Paolo said...

I thought Marikina is the cleanest city.

Gian Paolo said...

I thought Marikina is the cleanest city.

Anino said...

Base sa obserbasyon ko, pinakamalinis ay sa kalye ng Ayala. ANg ibang parte ng Makati ay makikitaan na ng mga basurang nagkalat. Saludo ako sa kanilang pagbabawal na manigarilyo sa publikong lugar.

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