will it be a black or a woman?

Usually, headline features either Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama celebrating victory in the caucus. The presidential nomination for Democrats seems so tight as both seem to deserve the majority vote. This situation in America can be lined up among the dramatic and controversial history of American politics. Especially that the campaign of the two opposing nominees involves a bit of political hardball. But on the brighter side, two sociological problems are at the brink of finish line- end of discrimination against blacks and discrimination against women.
For Americans who are tired of Republicans would certainly choose Democrats. However, their druthers is imposed with prudent consideration and numerous criteria. The battle between Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama does not merely involve a choice of whether a man or a woman but touches most of the representation of two sectors- woman sector and the black sector. The black community would go for Sen. Obama while the whites would go for Sen. Clinton. Men may go for Sen.Obama while women will support Sen. Clinton. Among the past presidents, who among Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Clinton would they wish to return to the Whitehouse? It is a known fact that the Kennedys support Sen. Obama. The church goers too would probably consider the religious affiliation of the two. Lastly, everyone would choose who among the two would satisfactorily represent the hoi polloi fairly as with the elites?

Whoever wins the seat in Whitehouse… GOD BLESS AMERICA.


I Love Philippines! said...

Yes, the politics in the U.S is really hot now. There are so much interesting things like first black, first woman, first Italian. Even here in Italy, we got featured news about the highlight of the days event when the candidates are campaigning. Especially from the lots of Clinton, McCain and Obama. Well, I go for Democrat whoever will it be. But it doesnt count anyway coz I am not a voter! Hahah!

And about love? It is something you never can expect to happen. It can be the thing that you hate, despise and avoid but when it hits the heart at the right moment, it's like you have dementia forgetting all that you have disliked. Love is really WEIRD!

ginabeloved said...
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ginabeloved said...

haha nice strike, i would support the democrat too for i am hoping for the end of US occupation in Iraq. miserables

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