wanna win an 8GB IPOD NANO?

Bloghopping is what I do when I do not have a new idea to post. This very moment, I never thought I’d bee lucky to see MoneyBlogger through a friend on blog. I discovered Dom is giving away his 8GB Ipod Nano, MY GOSH! 8GB! Wow! But of course giving it has to pass a simple test.

This Love month, it ain’t worth celebrating if you win an IPOD Nano? And mind you, the memory is too large more enough to put in your favs. You might run out of music to install.. haha..or words of appreciation and gratitude haha..

Of course, this ain’t a joke unlike the usual sites you visit. “To see is to believe?” Why don’t you check MoneyBlogger right now! You’ve got one week left, don’t you let this chance pass you by?! Who knows, you might be luckier than me?


ginabeloved said...

i would like to thank for introducing this contest to me. thanks a lot and if i win... thanks a million times. c',)

I Love Philippines! said...

Hmmmmmmpp... di tayo nanalo! So bad...haaaayyyy... If my blog aged a bit more i wish I can create my contest too...

ginabeloved said...

it's ok. actually i wasnt wishing to win just tried i might be spotted by luck haha :) lets just see some more contests if we'll be lucky :)

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