LOVE, defined

LOVE... is the only word that does not run out of definition...

lately I've asked my family, friends, relatives, Greeks and Romans to share to me their personal definition or thoughts of love...
here are the responses...

LOVE takes all. Dun nagsisimula ang lahat ng kagandahan. love may be blind kasi walang pinipili kapag puso na ang tumibok.
April Carino

LOVE is a feeling deep inside your heart telling you to like a thing truly.

Love is a feeling that draws you to work hard and make things possible.

LOVE is a journey. A never ending journey.

Love for me is when you're ready to make sacrifices, you're fully submitting your whole being. And when you see that there is "forever" for you and your other half.

GOD is LOVE. The world exist because of love. For special someone, I express love with special care, accepting who we or you are. Respect to one another, sacrifice with intimacy and should be a two- way direction...
Sir Rustan

Love is something magical; it makes you see things in a different perspective; seems as if there is sunshine amidst a heavy rain, roses scattered everywhere, and makes you smile even after the most tiring day.

Love is caring for someone, wanting someone, hoping and feeling for someone. But love is more than that too; some might say it's indescribable. I think love is utter devotion to someone, and being able to walk away if it's the best for the person. Love is wanting nothing more than to see that someone happy.

To feel tender affection for somebody such as close relative or family, or for something such as place, an ideal, or an animal.

Love is a feeling you don't have to hide. Love is forgiving and understanding.

Love is when you begin to think for yourself alone but for a person who may or may not be related toy ou and that his/ her absence is a big loss to your mental and emotional well- being.


ginabeloved said...

if you have your own please feel free to leave it here :)


blondeee said...

Love is what brings out the best in you. Whether its a partner, a friend, or family member.. maybe even a pet. Makes your heart smile and causes you to be at your best, make sacrifices and wise decisions.


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