Love, defined 2nd part.. I have said, LOVE is the only word that does not run out of definition..

LOVE is one of the hardest thing to define because at times you thought you were in love- yun pala ay hindi. It could have been simply an infatuation or a physical attraction.
I guess love is an emotion that you cannot force on anyone. It is very personal as one's basis for love varies - depending on one's experience, needs and wants.

For me - love should make you happy. However, it carries with it certain responsibilities such as honesty and fidelity. If you cannot be honest or fidel, then one cannot truly say that he is in love with the person he claims to love.

Love can start also with a simple physical attraction or attraction brought about by common interests --- then it grows and grows everyday as both get to know each other and develop their attraction towards each other - bringing it to a higher level.

They also say that love hurts. True but while love hurts, it also heals.
Ate Beverly Longid

LOVE is the sweetest thing that can happen in a human being. Love can destroy anything but can conquer everything.
Manny Balbin

It is something you never can expect to happen. It can be the thing that you hate, despise and avoid but when it hits the heart at the right moment, it's like you have dementia forgetting all that you have disliked. Love is really WEIRD.

LOVE - is when you think about someone in everything you do, whether you're simply walking to school or you're reading a book, basta ganun. Ewan ko. Di ko lang talaga alam. I think it's something that makes you happy, like smile ka ng smile bago ka matulog. Hehehehe. Basta kung nagiging selfless ka na para sa mga taong mahal mo, yun ang love. Pero ewan ko. Hehehe.

LOVE has a reason of its own, reasons that it only knows... love has no definite meaning, it depends on the person who felt love.
Jen Jen

For me love is the most essential thing in life because true love means doing what is good not only for yourself but for others as well..i believe it's the root of all the good things around.
so and be loved!!!

Love takes time it needs a lot of effort and sacrifices in order to gain and nourish the true meaning of love,it doesnt come right away.We've easily attracted to persons we met along the way but it doesn't mean that there is love already but things may turn on it.
love is really an unexplainable feeling between two lovers but sometimes love may hurt us if we dont make it right.

LOVE is all about putting the one you love over everything else.
Ernest Aton


Sexiness and Health said...

Wow! I see my point of view here! Gina, I really never thought that you publish it this way! Wow! You have got a lot of definitions and responses.

But I stick to my definition. It's always WEIRD!

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