I support the TRUTH

Since I discovered blogging, environment was my most favored topic and my inspiration in creating such, that’s why I ended up with a “savetheearth-now” url. Ive been speaking about environment ever since but not until this political drama is messing our country.
I love to speak about environment and I hate the fact that I am more politically inclined. Probably, it’s the effect of being a Pol. Sci. graduate, definitely.
Of course, no regrets at all. Specially now that I’ve met many friends in blogosphere who’s heart is with the improvement of the political culture in the country and who are hopeful for a better change- thus, making us all meliorist.

To pacify my hate, saving the earth does not cover only with saving the environment but has to cover all aspects and that includes politics.

Being a “human being” existing here on earth specifically in the Philippines, I have been bestowed with responsibility to help in molding the Philippine’s future. I am an essential part of it and I have an essential obligation to my nation.

This time, this country needs me not to meddle in the political chaos but to help in seeking for the truth and further support it. I know the present issue about the NBN deal and Lozada’s testimony. From my own experiences working in the government and in private entities, I truly believe in the existence of graft and corruption. I believe Lozada.

Now here comes the administration playing political hardball. Erwin Santos of the Philforest is blurting out Lozada’s life story while in public office. We hear, read and watch much propaganda to put a question on Lozada’s credibility and absolutely to cover up their stinky mess.

This calls for a stronger support for the TRUTH and for the advocate of truth.

I am raising my heart’s desire to show my support for the TRUTH.

Now if you support the truth, I do not have to challenge you. You have the will, you have the way. Please have your placard raised too. Show your support for the truth. We, fellows, are the judges and we are not blind and we have clean conscience.

(You may grab this picture or you can create your own)

We are stronger than those beasts in the government. We can expel them out of their pedestal. Let us just start to trust ourselves and unite for a better future of our beloved nation.

Bangon Pinas!


ginabeloved said...

please bear with me for my heart is aching and outbursting

Holy Kamote said...

ok na campaign ad 'to ha. I SUPPORT THE TRUTH, din.

outburst na ba puso mo?
oustpandak na kasi. hahaha.

ginabeloved said...

holy kamote, you can grab the picture and add it to your sidebar to show your support. thanks for the visit.

I Love Philippines Too said...

Friend, another bad thing i hate in our country is the publicity, both and bad, which is damaging to the people, misleading those who have not very broad minds. I see how those media judge people, without even the court hearing yet! I mean, the media make the public judge without the merit of showing the proof.. full of assumptions.. and another thing are the commercials in TV.. my God! I don't know.. maybe that's the reason why I hate to be in front of TV...

And about the Lozada issue, I am not very familiar of this.. I just read it once. i still have to see how it is from a fairview.. I don't know what is the truth, but of course I SUPPORT THE TRUTH for TRUTH SETS US FREE!

ginabeloved said...

definitely, sometimes they exaggerate things smetimes they meddle to the facts sometimes they manipulate the people's opinion. sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad. i hope this case of lozada will nt be misled

yeah truth sets us free

God bless Philippines!

Anonymous said...

Voted :)

I Love Philippines Too said...

Hi Gina.. okay, decide tayo, sino ba sa inyong dalawa papanalunin natin? As of now kasi binabalanse ko ang votes.. si Anino kasi successive weeks na nangangampanya kaya i guess try natin sya this week then next week ikaw? ANo sayo? I have thought of this coz in your e-mail you also told me that you wanted him to win di ba?

Anino said...

Maganda ang ginawa mong banner,Ginabeloved. Hindi ko lang mailagay sa aking blog dahil hindi tugma sa tema.Tsaka marami pa akong nais malaman tungkol sa isyu na iyan.

Hindi na din ako nanood ng usapan sa Kamara o senado.Kung nais kong makakita ng unggoy,buwaya at iba pang hayop,nagpupunta lang ako sa Wild Life parks diyan malapit sa Circle.

ginabeloved said...

yeah lets make Anino win this week, its ok if win the 2nd ;) hehe

I Love Philippines! said...

I do hope nga manalo na sya...

Ay! I never saw those animals yet Anino.. pero baka nung nasa Pilipinas pa ako nakita ko na din ang mga yan... hehe

Good luck sa inyong dalawa... Bomoboto nga ako ngayon... kasi second ka na lang ngayon.. haay, natulog kasi ako last

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