2008-02-20 appeal to every Filipino...

“Courage never fails.” This is a quote that stuck into my mind after watching the movie In the Name of the King. “Farmer”, the protagonist was moved by his courage to face the trials in his life, to sought after his wife, and succeed in the battle for his king and his kingdom. Courage never failed him.

For the time being, courage may be considered as the virtue that is noticeable in the arena of politics. Courage drove Jun Lozada to come out in the open to confess the dark businesses of the “BIG” personalities like First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, Benjamin Abalos, and special mention to the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo. For an ordinary “probinsyanong intsik” as he describes himself, to go against and testify against the most powerful people in the country deserves an exemplary award of extraordinary courage.

With the courageous decision of Jun Lozada, his life and his family’s security is now in peril. If for other people, they would have rather choose to keep their eyes blind, ears deaf, and mouth mute. However, Jun Lozada is different. His courageous testimonies has opened wide our eyes to the secrets of the cute faces of those in power. Jun Lozada’s courageous act has saved the Filipino hoi polloi from millions of dollars of debt. Jun Lozada’s courage could have brought Arroyo’s dégringolade. Jun Lozada’s courageous stand deserves a careful attention and support. The facts he revealed are undeserving of neither shrug nor doubts for, inter alia, it corroborated to most of the facts stated by Jeoy De Venecia and impliedly blurted out by Neri. Besides, life is compromised to leave no room to nag suspicions.Lozada's courage did not failed him because he has at least attained a peace of mind by telling the truth that he cannot stomach.But hopefully, it will be heard by the right tribunal (I still trust the judiciary).

These events happening in this country affects each and every Filipino. The street rally that was held in the central business district of Makati should not be criticized nor negated because participants have sacrificed their precious time to help in the moral reformation of the country. This, I guess, is a good time to fight corruption if we, Filipinos, really want it eradicated or at least minimize it. It would be a very sad story if this highlighted event in Philippine history will just turn out like the case of Erap.

Notably, the Sandiganbayan convicted Erap guilty, he was a big fish then but sadly, we pardoned him. What is left of us now is humiliation from the international community. We are capable of trying public figure but not capable of punishing. What is the sense then?

Support does not necessarily require us to be on streets but our presence will definitely add to the force. Support can be done by clarifying these things to those who have a vague knowledge about it. It could be bravely testifying against corrupt officials or offering a prayer for our country or by being vigilant in the events in our country. Support counts a thousand times if we help Lozada in this battle.
We should not forget that every single Filipino existing here on earth is an essential component of this nation.

This time, the suspected big fish is in our hands. Hopefully it will not skip from us.

All of us crave for “better change” but we ignore it when opportunity comes. Hopefully, it will not happen this time.

When then can we achieve better Philippines if we point at others our own

Bangon Pinas.

Question to ponder on:
What could be the significant relationship of the Arroyo with COMELEC; Arroyo with Abalos; Abalos with Garci? note the "hello garci" and the "i am sorry" issue.


I Love Philippines! said...

Maybe our "soft hearts" is the main cause of our poverty and lack of discipline. We tend to pardon petty crimes if the criminals beg us. And later, we have been used to it that even the big crimes, we also pardoned. There is nothing wrong with pardon though but for the success of the nation, we need examples...or exemplary punishment.

I have been reading your post but only until the pardon of Erap part (i need to resume reading) because this suddenly stucked my mind. As I said, us having "soft hearts"...yeah "pusong mamon".

We all do it in all ways. The actors and actresses that were chased before by the BIR, no one has been imprisoned...only in news. And no one really big have been jailed. We are all WORDS!

If we can give good examples, we will be respected and others would be afraid. And if we start little, we can end up big. Try putting Gloria in prison and Pinys will learn. Try putting an action/drama star in prison for not paying their taxes and Pinoy will learn. Butthe problem is, justice is harsh for the poor and very lax when it comes to those with full pockets...and the worst part is, they have full pockets at the expense of the common "hoi polloi"'s our tax, Dude!

Free Spirit said...

"BAngon Pinas!"...yes.. Honestly, I do not know of this story. I have not read the news lately in our country. But I AM VERY THANKFUL THAT BY clicking your link, I have an idea how it is.

I used to take photos of rally going on along Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Ave... was the rally there?

The thing is, we can't just seem to have the right leader... A leader that is strong enough...not a puppet.. not a USA puppet nor A Catholic church puppet....

A change is needed and for Philippines to REALLY progress is is a BIG and DRASTIC change!

Dakilang Tambay said...

Bangon Pinas. tama ka dun. sana lumabas na ang katotohan


I believe Lozada... I dont think those whom he accused will admit it though, nor will the fake president step down. She has a thick face and no delicadeza. How many issues were exposed about her? and how many more are kept from public?

ginabeloved said...

to ilovephilippines, i agree with you, Filipinos have pusong mamon but we do not know when, to whom and how to apply it. pardoning per se is not wrong but the pardon extended to Erap is unacceptable. the sandiganbayan convicted and penalized him but but it was all erased by the pardon by GMA through ABSOLUTE PARDON.

there are many cases pending before the president hoping for her clemency . some may have encountered judicial lapses that is hoping for pardon but the president is heedless. Why this big fish now?. I hope the executive clemency mandated by the Constitution to the president be eradicated because some abusively uses it for political gain.

friend, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

ginabeloved said...

to free spirit, i really appreciate your insight and your effort of visiting me. yeah the rally covered ayala avenue because the demonstrators reached almost 10,000.
a appreciate you for being interested in Philippine politics and i hope you will bear with us- chaotic and fraudulent.

Philippine can survive without a US puppet in the government, many have been gifted with political will the sad thing is that, they use it for their own interest.

ginabeloved said...

to dakilang tambay, i truly appreciate your effort in visiting, reading and commenting on my post. babangon talaga ang Pinas kung unti- unti nating gawin ang ating responsibilidad. Filipinos are capable and talented and we can rise higher.

to kris jasper, thank you also for visiting and commenting. thank God because many believe Lozada instead of shrugging at Lozada's testimonies. AS Ive said their is no room to nag suspicion. the logic of "hello garci" issue is enough to corroborate the case. Arroyo's administration is corrupt and corrupted.

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi's me again. ABout the pardoning of Erap, there is only one explanation for it... the dirt politics. As they say, there are no constant fores nor constant friends in politics... so if you have something to bet, you can make it... especially if one is in the power, with all the aces in the cards in his/her hands, it's very advisable to play.

Anyway, most of the people in power really don't know what the life of a common hoi polloi is so they don't care. After all, what you don't know wont hurt you. They live in luxury and power after all...

Anino said...

Isa kasi sa katangian nating mga Pinoy ay malaking TOLERANCE (sabit na din ang mapagpatawad)
Totoo naman na survivor din tayo.Mga nasanay na sa ilang siglong binaboy at pinahirapan kaya't may lalala pa ba?Mga trapong walang bayag at sariling disposiyon dahil natatakot na matalo sa darting na eleksyon.
Paano makakaahon ang barko ng Pilipinas kung ang mga tao ay nagsisitalunan upang iligtas ang kanilang sarili?
Ang gustong tumalon at umalis ay maaaring umalis.Kami ay mananatiling ON BOARD upang sagipin ang papalubog na barko sa kamay ng mga piratang ganid.

ginabeloved said...

friend, i agree with you. "personal interest" is the blockade. we just really have to entrust them to God Almighty, who owns vengeance.
Naiinis ako sa mukha ni Gloria. ginagamit ang simbahan sa political maneuvering nila. tsk tsk tsk.

To Anino friend, I can feel the deepness of your concern to our beloved country. Sa mga trapo, kaya naman natin silang tanggalin sa posisyon kung ang lahat ng pinoy ay mgakakaisa sa darating na eleksyon. magkaroon ng prinsipyo sa pagpili ng mga magiging leaders. ito ang kulang satin'. at dahil ang iba ay natatakot o wala ng pakialam umaalis na para isalba ang sarili. good luck to them. but definitely they are of help (shrug). ako mananatili ako sa barko para tumulong sa pagsulong at labanan ang mga pirata. sasamahan ko ang ibang katulad mo na may layunin para sa bansa.

Sulong Pinas!

Lawstude said...

If you are a politician, your best connection would be religion or any God-based activities. But if God is not on your side, then the next best thing is to go side-by-side with the Devil and it's advocate like the civilian-meddling military or the dagdag-bawas kumisyon-ners.

ginabeloved said...

TO LAWSTUDE, thank you very much for droppin by, reading and sharing your insights, i truly appreciate it. its true and i conclude that God is with this in power but these people are just heedless to His call because they are blind and deaf to the call of their conscience. they only hear the devil whispering them money...power...evil.

i pity them

Anino said...

Ang saya ko kahapon.Kumain pa ako sa isang resto ng bigla kong nabasa ang ginawa ng ating pangulo.Tinawagan ang punog minester ng Bansang VIetnam upang makiusap na hindi maputol ang pag-angkat ng Pilipinas ng bigas sa Vietnam.Isang pangulo na nagmakaawa sa bigas.
Ang akala ko ay isang agricultural country ang Pilipinas?

Josh of Arabia said...

hi gina, txs for dropping by..i'll do bring u to my blogkadas/friends..keep on blogging to what u believe what is right!..see u again:)

ps: voted for u 3..

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