"What worth is a man who does not make the world better?"

Like every human do, I do thought of drafting my own new year’s resolution too. Before I came up with my final draft, I though of the pressure my resolutions might ponder upon me. We make our resolutions purposely to do better. Good for those who are determined to be better but useless to those who can’t get away from their old living.
While thinking of what to change in the future, I remembered the phrase from my favorite movie, Kingdom of Heaven, stated this way; “What worth is a man who does not make the world better?”
Isn’t it a challenging question? That instead of thinking what your promises you make for yourself you better hold on to this question and keep asking this to yourself.
Probably it would be a question posing too much pressure but it’s not.
Every human being is brought into this world for a purpose. However, some of us just live for the purpose of existing but not all of us has arrived or realized our purposes in this world.
Like me, many are still confused about the secrets of life. The time when the truth be revealed to us may not be determined but let us avoid leaving this life without knowing the answers of our questions.
“What worth is man who does not make the world better?” Making the world better may be done in many and simple ways. Definitely it does not require you to be a president or a famous personality. The world just needs you to live your own life simply.
As for me, simply making one smile makes me worthwhile.
How about you?


Magari said...

We all have our attempts defined by our own minds. We all have a different view of the world, and how it could be made better. However I agree with you.

I just wanna make a girl smile :)

ginabeloved said...

i really like how you think, Magari.

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