Looking back at yesteryear

While trying to write down my New Year’s Resolution, I was stopped by my thought to reminisce my past year experiences. I have recapped my yesteryear as a year mixed of human emotions. Throughout the 365 days that has passed, I’ve experience life in its maximum level. I laughed and I wept. Happiness to sorrow and vice versa has influenced my mood for the past 12 months.
Being a movie lover, I dreamed of having a portable DVD player. In 2007, this great dream was fulfilled. Not long enough, I was able to own a mobile phone which I longed for. Having both had brought me unexplainable happiness and contentment. Now, I am enjoying the pleasure of these gadgets.
The happiness I’d felt was changed into sorrow. Days were gloomy when I learned my brother met an accident. It was only after a couple of weeks that my family and I recovered. Though it was sad, I look into the brighter side that the accident has brought my brother. The family ties became stronger and has changed my brother’s attitude a bit.
For the past 525,600 minutes, my family and I were shattered with another trial- the death of my grandmother. Loneliness had clouded our emotions but human life was created to end. Death is a part of life and acceptance of one’s loss will only cure the loneliness it brings.
A month after the tragic moment of my life, a moment of sweetness and blissful wedding has bounded a couple. My bestfriend got married. The wedding had given us a chance to see each other after a long period of time. She had finally settled down. God bless them.
Those moments had been a moment for me to meet my friends after a long year of waiting.
The very event that I will never forget of 2007, is the event that had brought me frustrations and regrets. September is my birth month and at the same time the month for taking the bar exam. Fours years ago, I was like those who took the bar exam- a law student. But last year, I was just a simple person watching and envying them. I was just a person in the corner full of regrets. The words “If only…” kept hunting me. I was in vain. I had regretted but it was already useless for the years were already over.
Year 2007 might be gloomy to me but I know I still awe God gratitude and “thank you”
Many trials came into our lives but the survival amidst the trials is worth rewarding. That in life, one has to struggle to overcome the obstacles and the unexplainable happiness that is waiting at the end of trial is worth more than silver and gold.
I have been through a life filled with trials and struggles and I am thankful to God for surviving all of them. Though I had been weakened by problems and sorrow I was endowed with strength that God has pondered upon me.
For everything I thank God.
I know that this year 2008 will be year filled with unexpected experiences but I know that like last year I will be strong enough to face them.


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