hunted by dry cough?

Cough has always been hunting us any day and at any time. Sometimes it makes us awake the whole night despite the medicines we take in. It too happened to me many times. Dry cough made me ill the whole night but now that I’ve discovered a way of dealing it I know that the suffering will hunt me no more.
One time, I received an email from anonymous sender stating that it is soothing to rub the sole of your feet with vicks vaporub before having a good night sleep when having trouble with cough. The mail did not explain any scientific explanations but with no second thought, I tried it and I've proven it to be helpful. There was a feeling of warmth that clothed me overnight. Probably, it was the warmth that comforted my lungs.
Having known this little secret, I know that cough would never attempt to ruin my night. I have shared this piece of health advice to my housemates and in a little way it did soothed their feeling. The sender has revealed that she usually applies it to her kids because of its effectiveness and I would testify that trying it is of no waste.
To the anonymous sender, Thank you. I know that your intention is to spread a simple health advice and like you, I would like to share this simple treatment and so this post.


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