Alarming Facts...

Since I became aware of the environmental problem, I dedicated myself supporting the groups advancing their interest of protecting the environment.
While reading my mail, I received this alarming facts from Environmental Defense.
And here it is...

Global warming is the most serious environmental threat of our time.

As these facts show, affordable options are available. And America cannot afford to fall behind any more in the race to invent clean, renewable energy sources.

45%-Increase in world’s solar generating capacity in 2005.
2-Rank of China as global producer of solar cells, behind Japan (U.S. ranks 4th).
$1.5 billion-Amount US government spends a year on renewable energy research.
$1 billion-ExxonMobil's daily revenue.
$2 billion-Amount GE Energy Financial Services invested in wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy in 2007.
$200 billion-Amount China has committed to invest in renewable energy sources over the next 15 years.
0.74%-Projected cost of smart cap-and-trade climate policy on US economic output in 2030.
100%-Projected growth of the US economy by 2030.
53-Number of senators supporting cap and trade legislation.
0-Number of bills passed by Congress to cap and reduce America's global warming pollution.

Sources: World Watch Institute, Earth Policy Institute, Department of Energy, CNN, GE Energy Financial Services, Reuters, Upcoming Report: Climate Policy and the U.S. Economy. Environmental Defense, 2008

Negative comments might be heard from the abovementioned, but in this world of uncertainty, it is better to have done something than having done nothing at all.


SNAZ said...

Well Solar energy must be made cheaper first of all, panels and stuff.
I wanted to purchase some panels for myself... but the cost to set them up is soooo much.

How can one save on bills & g the solar way !

ginabeloved said...

this is the probelem. Many environmental options are available but the cost is well, unreachable.
the government, who has the capital and the political will should set up first.

sigh :/

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