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They say, the reason why a person keeps on liking one thing, say a movie, is because he/she relates. The story of the coffee prince Korean drama revolves around the life of Andie Go. Andie Go is a lady but wears and acts like a guy. But definitely she’s a woman by heart. Well, I was just like her, LOL. People who knew me have misinterpreted me as tomboy but people who knew me well know that I am a woman by heart. Like others, I went through a teenage “kilig” moments. I had lots of “crushes”, actually until now. Merely that I felt comfortable wearing those loose shirts and pants and my favorite bag pack. Sometimes, I feel good when I wear my bonnet and it suits the weather too for we live in a cold place. Though, I seem to look like a boy, my heart is a pure girl. I admire guys and I despise same sex relationship.
The “coffee prince” keeps me awake late at night for I admire the personalities that it poses. Andie is lax at expressing her own feelings free from any criticism. The other personalities showed a wider mind to understand and accept Andie. Aside from the other casts characters, of course, I like how they deal with each other- no boundaries despite their status.
Of course, the love story always gives a tingling sensation. Andie, despite her appearance like a boy, the beauty within her is discovered by the two men in her life, Arthur and Errol. I’m still in the middle of the story and I’m looking forward for an Andie- Arthur tandem. All smile!
I wish to tell more about how I relate with the story but I guess I’ve said enough. =) It’s good to keep a secret for yourself lol.
Try to watch it for you to know what I’m blogging about.


ginabeloved said...

geek can't wait to see the next episode...

ginabeloved said...

yes monday na, coffee prince na naman!!!!!

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