Kyoto Protocol: a big leap forward

In 1997, more than 160 nation delegates met in Japan to draft an agreement. The agreement was known as the Kyoto Protocol, taking the name from the place where the delegates met- Kyoto, Japan. In 2005, the protocol took effect. Before its effectivity, the agreement had passed through an intensive review and debates. The treaty before it was approved, must be ratified by at least 55 countries. The countries ratifying it must had carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 1990 that equaled at least 55% of the emissions of all 38 industrialized countries in 1990. Awfully, in 2001, the US who is world's largest producer of carbon dioxide rejected the protocol. US in its defense claimed that the protocol would harm the American economy and will create many jobless. It also questioned the protocol for not placing restrictions on developing countries and large polluters such as as India. Nonetheless, in 2004, more than 100 countries, including countries classified as industrialized under the protocol, ratified the agreement. However, the ratification by either Russia or US was necessasry to effect the agreement. Only in Novemeber 2004 that Russia ratified the agreement. In February 2005, the treaty took effect.
Under the protocol the parties have to restrict their emissions of the CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The restriction would run from 2008 through 2012. Greenhouse gas emissions will be restricted to about 95% of their 1990 eissions.
Though the protocol excluded the developing countries from the restriction program, the member nation and industrialized countries are encouraged in helping the developing countries limit their greenhouse gas emissions.
The protocol allows use emission reduction units. In case an industrialized country cut its emission more than what is required in the protocol, that country could sell the emission reduction unit to other nations allowing the buying nation to emit the amount equal to the excess it had cut.
The industrialized nations have started the step, now it's up to us to support them for a remarkable success.


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