Shining Angel in the Dark

You did not ask for it, yet you came.
Created with love and now forming into flesh.
Each beat of your heart gives an unexplainable happiness.
Each move you make fills the emptiness inside your mom’s heart.

You are of no fault at all.
You are pure and spotless in flesh, soul, and in spirit.
You are innocent.
You are blameless yet you are suffering the burden.

Each pain you suffer is unjustifiable.
It is beyond reason and unforgiveable.
As you wait for your time to see the world;
Awaits judgment also for your bearer’s fate.

The future holds no certainty,
Will it be for good is a question.
But, hope that shines from God is unending,
And faith in Him fails no one who believes.

My dear angel, you are in unfairly in the dark as your mom is,
But, hold on tight please for your mom’s sake.
You are your mom’s hope and life,
And this fight is worthless without you.

Someday, you will surely shine,
You will be an angel to those who have none.
You will be an inspiration to people around you,
And, will fill the emptiness of your love ones that will last forever.


ginabeloved said...

I love you so much baby.

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