It is summer and it’s definitely HOT. Here in the mid east, the temperature has been leveled up to almost 50 degrees Celsius. It is extremely hot as if a fire is burning just a centimeter away from your skin. A few walk away would make you bathe into your own sweat and even burn your skin.
With the extreme temperature, enjoying the sun is impossible. Being on the beach would even be a no-no or else, you’ll get over tanned. But summer is here and has to bear with it.
Here are few and effective tips to beat up summer dilemma:
- Wear light colored shirts. White is commonly known as a refractor of heat. It definitely works as it minimizes the heat caused by the extreme temperature. Makes you feel cool despite the heat.
- Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is one dilemma caused by summer. Perspiration will let you lose quantity of water that will lead to dehydration. Drinking a lot of water will fill in the water you lose and will even cool your body temperature. It is also healthy as it cleanses your body. *wink*
- Eat lots of fruit. Fruits rich in Vitamin C will help generate collagen needed in maintaining a smooth skin. During summer, skin can also be dehydrated which eventually causes aging and dryness. In order to fight this dilemma, eat fruits rich in Vitamin C.
- Apply sunblock. Skin suffers a lot during summer. One of the worst dilemmas is the melasma. But apply a little care when buying sunblock. There are non-effective sunblock and even lead to skin disease. In buying, make sure that it has Titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is a sunscreen that makes a sunblock effective.
- Plant trees. The best way of helping the temperature tone down is creating oxygen. A tree or plant is the best source of oxygen. The fresh air that it creates will help the whole surrounding cool. It emits oxygen that will catch and encapsulate CO2 that greatly contributed to the environmental disaster. It also captures the direct heat from the sun (photosynthesis) and emits air that we can enjoy. If each of us plants a tree, the feared hotter temperature will surely be minimized and will refract the negative anticipation about the environment in the next ten years.
Having laid down the tips, I hope to have shared a bit of inspiration. Despite the heat out, enjoy the summer! :)

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