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Education is a way of life. It is an essential thing in life that's worth more than gold and silver. Our parents usually tell us to go to school and study hard as it is the only treasure we can inherit from them. The importance of education has been imparted to each and every generation. However, in the Philippines, education has become a privilege anymore and not a right. Various children have been denied of their chance to learn and step into classroom. Many children were pressured to work instead of reading and writing. Though it was not their fault, they have no choice but to follow their parents and the flow of their life. Through time, the rate of uneducated individuals increased.

The importance of education has been realized by Efren Penaflorida. He felt for those who cannot afford to go to school. As his share, he formed the Dynamic Teen Company. The purpose of which is to bring education to those who were deprived. Every Saturday, he and his group reach the children along the streets of Quezon City. The only weapon they have is pushcart full of books. Along the streets, they teach group of children how to read and write, English and Math. Despite the simplicity of their equipment, they were able to give the most important thing to every human-education.

With Efren’s spectacular and zealous objective, he was chosen by CNN as among the top ten CNN Heroes. The candidates are ordinary people yet sharing an extraordinary impact to the society. As a Filipino and an individual who was amazed and inspired by his endeavor, I realized that I can also share in educating more students by helping him win in the search for CNN Heroes.

If you are a Filipino or a human who share the same passion, you can surely help. Click here and vote for Efren Penaflorida. The voting runs until November 19, so please cast your vote as soon as possible. Share this also to your friends. I believe that with the prize he’ll bag by winning, he and his team can surely help more children achieve their dreams.


Liza said...

That's what I've been telling my kids too, especially now that it has become very expensive. One thing I also noticed, if you put them in cheaper schools, the quality of education they will get is way behind the expensive ones.

Thanks for stopping over and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again soon. :)

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