Stop Climate Crime Now!

In the industrial world, oil is the most lucrative source of money. Oil has been also the result of various wars in the Middle East. In Canada, the digging of oil is the growing industry that is making the country financially strong. It cannot be denied that oil really brings in huge profit and feeds millions of people. However, the imbalance and rape of nature also occurs in the oil industry. Without proper guidelines and proper measures, the environment can definitely be ruined by the tar sands where oil comes from. Though the spread of tar sands, the rivers, lands, lakes and the surrounding areas have been converted into a mining pit and mining refinery. The trees have been cut off to pave way for the production of oil. Hectares of land have been invaded for oil production. Now, the oil production continues while climate change is aggravated.

There may be collusion between necessity of man to live or for money. However, there is also the necessity to protect the environment for a healthier habitat and a healthy place for generations to come. For how can one enjoy the food in his or her table when what he inhales is gas instead of clean air. I believe that God did not create all these things we enjoy to ruin and to pave way for other. I believe that there are measures that can be done in order that necessity of money and necessity of clean and healthy environment can be balanced. I believe that the only thing that hinders human from finding and initiating such measures is his discontentment.
God spare the Earth from tar sands.


Karl Lopez said...

hi, nice ng blog mo, binasa ko konti lng, heheheh, exchange link tayo..

ginabeloved said...

maraming salamat sa pagdalaw ^-^

PinoyApache said...

damn oil! it has brought more bad than good.

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